Global Weekly Charts, 7th March 2015

Global Hardware by Platform:
PS4 195,306 (-19%) 20,463,073
3DS 172,390 (-17%) 51,724,507
XOne 98,943 (-9%) 11,816,645
PS3 43,675 (-11%) 85,337,382
WiiU 36,181 (-6%) 9,356,747
PSV 35,456 (-14%) 10,083,678
X360 23,096 (-6%) 84,658,034
Wii 2,359 (-19%) 100,967,799

1.The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (3DS)
2.Dying Light (PS4)
3.Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (PS4)
4.Dragon Quest Heroes (PS3)
5.Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon (3DS)

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Rimeskeem2370d ago

I want to see the jump in PS4 sales when Bloodborne came

Cindy-rella2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Ps4 is dominating in sales month after month. Why does it seem like ps4 has been at 20 million for a long time. I thought it would be more by now since it has been selling well

Spenok2370d ago

Because VGchartz is about a month behind, and then they still don't have very accurate data, which they adjust it to official data when it's released. More than likely the PS4 is around the 22 million mark by now. But Sony probably wont announce new numbers until E3, which by then they'll by my guess be around 24-25. But that's just my educated guess.

AndrewLB2370d ago

Spenok- Considering that it's selling less than 200,000/week, how exactly would they have sold 2,000,000 in a month? There may be a spike in U.S. sales come mid-April because of tax refunds, but many people I know (including myself) got their refund wiped out because of all the taxes and extra costs from Obamacare. That damn law has made small business owners enemies of the state the way we're treated.

chrismichaels042370d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued worldwide success. No doubt dropping Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and MLB15 The Show has helped Sony move a lot of those PS4 units in the first quarter.

Blurmobjet2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )


PS4 2x XboxOne
PS3 2x Xbox360

And on Vgchartz no doubt.

Svinya2369d ago

Big surprise. You're near the top in a sales article. Do you get off on this stuff or what?

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RocketScienceLvlStuf2370d ago

Ps4 still dominating. The closest competition must be angry lol

BladerunnerZX2370d ago

So maybe 24 to 25 million PS4 by December.

I could see Xbox One hitting 14 million by December if Halo 5 is able to mover at least a couple million Xbox Ones.

Benjammin252370d ago Try 30-35 million.

Gamer19822370d ago

There selling 800k a month 800k x 12 = 9.6 million so thats 29 million not including christmas sales and boosts for bloodbourne and china launch. So PS4 will be around 32 million by December most likely. As I have added an extra 3 million on thanks to boosts. Xbox will be around 19 million that time 400k x 12 = 4.8 million plus an extra 3 million added for big sales (black friday and halo but china launch already gone for xbox) like i did with ps4 and you got yourself 19 million.

That's called sales projecting and estimating and I reckon those numbers are about right they may be a couple of million off but right now those are pretty good sale projections for both consoles. Sony will sell another 12 million consoles and Xbox another 7.

chrissx2370d ago

Ps4 like juggernaut. Once it starts moving no force on earth can stop it..but vgcharts is way behind these numbers are so old

JMyers2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

VG Chartz will no doubt adjust up the PS4 worldwide numbers again. the last announcement from Sony was 20.2 million where VG were about 600K behind. Since then it is very doubtful that the PS4 has sold just 200K more... And yes i know its the 7th of March quoted in the article.

The PS4 sells on average 200K in NA and 200K in Europe month after month. Bloodborne will no doubt increase sales into April. I think by E3 the PS4 will reach about 25 million.

There is still Until Dawn and Tearaway Unfolded to be released before Sept. Sony also has marketing deals with MK X and Batman: Arkham Knight, plus some timed content for the latter. The Witcher 3 may also perform better on PS4... all of these may lead to PS4 further extending the GAP in 2015.

MS will no doubt push over Nov and Dec to close the Gap. The XB1 is already at £299 with 2 games at most places in the UK. I think this will be the standard price over XMAS and similar worldwide.

RAM0N 2370d ago

Im hype for drawn to death and wild

JMyers2370d ago

Yes me too. Also RIME... when is that out? Everybody's Gone to the Rapture looks amazing too.

StrawberryDiesel4202370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Drawn to Death looks like something so cool and unique but I'm disappointed it's a Free to Play game. I'm super interested in Suda 51's exclusive Let it Die. He makes awesome games generally, though they can be a bit wacky. I personally love No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned. They're two of my favorite "B movie" games from last gen.

MRMagoo1232370d ago

PS4 doesnt need any help extending the gap, it is selling more every week in every country, the xbone price drops and free games havent changed a thing, and the holiday sales they had last year only slowed the gap increase rather than decrease it at all.

JMyers2370d ago

I'm not saying the PS4 needs help. Nor am I saying that MS can close the gap completely. In XMAS 2014 MS brought the gap in the US down to less than a million by outselling the PS4 about 400K in NA.

This didn't do much worldwide, and the PS4 is still outselling the XB1 in its strongest market month after month. Over XMAS Sony could be stronger though, especially this year. I hope E3 has one big game over the holidays and some great bundles. It better to put a few more nails in the coffin. Sooner the better.

Kiwi662370d ago

So you think that the ps4 will continue to sell more and more every week despite the fact that the majority of those who want one will have already brought one plus the fact that they're in pretty much every country that they sell to so there's only a certain number they can sell before numbers begin to slow

Blurmobjet2369d ago


Numbers will slow, just not yet.
The PS4 still hasn't reached its saturation point.

I know I still haven't gotten mine yet.

TheCommentator2369d ago

When Japan's, basically nonexistent Xbox, market becomes saturated with PS4 sales, global sales will slow for Sony. Many PS4's also sold first to people with multi console intentions. MS is facing an uphill battle, one that took PS3 years to catch up. If MS continues to change as they have it my allow them to catch up as well. Too early to call either way.

If we took away Japan's sales data from both consoles, how close would they be then?

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RocketScienceLvlStuf2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Sony may also decide to do a holiday promotion this year to stop Microsoft closing the gap. If they do the xbone will be destroyed.

@MrKrispy above.

Xbone fanboys said the same thing last year. "PS4 sales will slow because everyone who wants one has one".

How is that turning out?

mkis0072370d ago

XD the way I see it there are 150 million potential ps4 sales on the low estimated end. There are aplenty more people who want a ps4 even if only half of them buy one. It will sell between 80-150 million total.

All that is needed is the $100 price cut after E3 and sales will be boosted for another year.

Chevalier2370d ago

It's not like Sony has ever sold more than 100 million before right?! Yeah only twice and heading to a 3rd. Seriously Xbone fans seem to think they have a reason for PS4 sales slowing down, but, only because they hope for it themselves. Yet every time Sony announce new numbers they absolutely crush Xbone.

JMyers2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )


How has the majority of people who want a PS4 already bought one? There are over 80 million PS3s, so the PS4 has some way to go yet. The PS3 launched a year later, at a higher price and was harder to develop for, yet it still outsold the 360 worldwide. Though not in NA or the UK. Sony is already doing the latter now, consistently, with sales in Europe 4:1 in favour of the PS4. When it sells more than 40 million then it would be "the majority" argument.

Sony still has the one up on a price cut and plenty of first party studios to stimulate further growth in years to come. Remember how Kinect 1.0 rejuvenated 360 sales? Who's to say Morpheus won't do the same? The PS4 will remain relevant for a long time yet.

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