USA Weekly Charts, 7th March 2015

USA Hardware by Platform:
PS4 63,608 (-14%) 7,392,618
XOne 59,042 (-11%) 6,732,759
3DS 56,520 (-25%) 14,884,514
WiiU 16,338 (-12%) 3,969,535
X360 12,286 (-11%) 44,450,638
PS3 9,135 (-12%) 26,686,696
PSV 4,061 (-10%) 2,074,793

1 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (3DS)
2 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS)
3 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (XOne)
4 Assassin's Creed: Unity (XOne)
5 Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS)

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Cindy-rella1480d ago

Ps4 leading in a territory it is more expensive and its competition is actually giving away free games while being cheaper

Neonridr1480d ago

couple of big games recently released for the PS4 in The Order and Bloodborne. Not hard to see why the attraction is there. No big releases for the Xbox One lately.

Rimeskeem1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

This is before Bloodborne released actually


I'm guessing people went for the bundle of Bloodborne

Neonridr1480d ago

@Rimeskeem - ah gotcha. Well maybe some people bought the console in anticipation.. forward thinking perhaps?

Anyways, the numbers are almost neck and neck.

morganfell1480d ago

Once again the numbers are far off the mark. The X1 is in the lowest position at major retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy that it has seen in 8 months. Prepare to revise (again) vgchartz.

Muerte24941480d ago

I'm trying to understand why Xbox One is that high? Nothing supports the idea that Xbox One is only 4k behind PS4. But this is VGChartz, who have been exposed for producing fake numbers. I wish this site would just be banned already.

Neonridr1480d ago

ahh yes.. here come the vgchartz excuses about overtracking X1 and under tracking PS4..

come on guys, PS4 was still ahead regardless of how much. Can't you just enjoy that?

gangsta_red1480d ago

It's comical how many excuses are made or explained about how VGChartz overtracks Xbox only. It's like some won't be satisfied unless VGChartz says Xbox One is dead last below the Vita on that list.

MysticStrummer1480d ago

Excuses? It's pretty well documented that vgchartz does in fact often over estimate XB numbers and underestimate PS numbers. It's been going on for quite a while.

Spotie1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

"Here comes the excuses..."

You mean the well documented and repeated instances of VGChartz doing just that?

Edit: Doing your work for you, gangsta_red, I used the Internet Wayback Machine. Here's some disparities. The first link has the total sales for each year. The subsequent links will be VGChartz' estimates of the same timeframe. Note: The first link uses Sony's numbers.

2007: Off a half-million, okay since these first numbers are shipped

2008: Off 1.5 million

2009: Off 1.3 million

There are some gaps in the wikia's table I don't feel like searching out; surely you can do that much.

Here's a milestone, though: 1.7 million under.

I'm not gonna go through the 360 as well; you can surely do that much on your own.

There is no one who has been around gaming forums on the internet for the past 6+ years and has NOT heard about the shady practices of VGChartz. Just because you wanna ACT like we're making this up doesn't mean we don't see your agenda for what it is.

And what it is is pathetic.

morganfell1480d ago

It isn't a matter of simple overtracking in a vacuum. Hard figures available right now from the major retailers clearly show the X1 at levels which in the past were a mere half of the sales of the PS4.

It seems some in this thread prefer accuracy not enter in to sales discussions.

gangsta_red1480d ago

@Spotie and Mystic

Well documented? By people here on N4G? If that is the case then yea...I guess.

Again i have to ask, why does VGChartz only overtrack Xbox and undertracks PS? What's the end game? What's the point? What's the goal?

Especially when it lists the PS4 as still ahead.

ziggurcat1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )


"Well documented? By people here on N4G?"

no, documented by the sheer fact that they (i.e. vgchartz) themselves post numbers that are consistently higher for xbone, and consistently lower for PS4 when compared to the actual sales figures.

gangsta_red1480d ago


Please provide these documented sheer "facts" then.

And again I have to ask, why does VGChartz only overtrack Xbox and undertracks PS? What's the end game? What's the point? What's the goal?

VGChartz still shows PS4 ahead by a lot. What seems to be the problem? Why are some of you not satisfied with just that.

morganfell1480d ago


Something is either accurate or it is not. It is either true or it is not. It is either representational of reality or it is not. These are sales figures, not hand grenades or horse shoes. Sort of close doesn't count. vgchartz has the PS4 and X1 about 100/90. If you go look at the live tracking provided by major retailers positioning shows the X1 running the lowest it has in over 8 months, not a few thousand behind the PS4.

And no, it isn't enough just to be ahead. If a site is going to market itself as a dependable provider of information then it has to be accurate instead of a known xbox fanboy whose numbers are banned on numerous game sites around the world due to a repeated history of slewing figures. As much as Gaf loves speculation, there is a reason vgchartz is banned there. And quoting their numbers will get you banned there.

If anyone needs to provide you the numerous instances of overtracking Xbox numbers and undertracking PlayStation numbers then here it is:

Every single time.

The clown that runs that site has been operating in the same manner since last generation, constantly overinflating Xbox numbers and downplaying those of Sony. Try doing a little research in something you apparently believe. We know the guy is a liar and have nothing to prove as we have watched vgchartz revise its numbers time and again.

When they are 300,000 off on a console's totals then they have a serious credibilty issue. That's right, 300,000 a week. Try using a site called Its an amazing tool and you will learn a great deal about the unreliability of vgchartz.

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ThinkThink1480d ago

With PS4's lead I would expect PS to at least be in the top 5 in terms of software. Kind of surprised to still see COD and Assassins creed still up there.

Rimeskeem1480d ago

If you see the pre orders it tells the story

3-4-51480d ago

* Every time I see these I just think:

That is tens of thousands of more gamers that get to enjoy games on whichever gaming device they own.

Doesn't matter who got more.....they all increased their fan base, which in turn increases the overall games sold.

These little bits here and there eventually add up to a significant amount for all involved.

It would only worry me if all were doing bad.

Neonridr1480d ago

shhhh.. don't use logic here.. ;)

D-riders1480d ago

im not sure how people disagree with a factual statement

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WizzroSupreme1480d ago

Glad to see so many people buying Majora's Mask. Totally a game people need to experience!

Neonridr1480d ago

surprised at the disagrees. It's truly awesome. And loving it on my new 3DS XL

Shnazzyone1480d ago

I'm really happy capcoms got a winner with Monster Hunter 4U. It's been holding a top 5 mark and actually been moving up. This marks quite a turning point for the Monster hunter franchise. A entry that has sold gangbusters in the states. Meanwhile, where's bloodborne? For that matter... where is a single PS4 game on that top 5?

MRMagoo1231479d ago

Bloodborne wasn't out yet.

RiPPn1480d ago

Chartz imaginary numbers..

Tex1171480d ago

Monster Hunter!

And everyone, please look at the dates. This is from March 7

Ark_1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

It's also vgchartz ... so doesn't make a difference anyway.

Gamer19821480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

We all say these numbers don't matter yet we do care as we visit this post.. Not only that they are the only numbers we get. We know MS are inflated somewhat thanks to them not releasing actual sold through numbers but until npd is released we dont get real numbers and lets be honest MS hasn't released NPD of the console since launch (except black friday week) as it's only managed to outsell the ps4 for 1 week (also black friday week).

Death1480d ago

To validate these numbers by saying they are the only ones we get means we have no numbers. These are best guesses by a handful of people and nothing more. VGC doesn't have the staff to poll a significant amount of retailers to make an accurate estimate of sales. The first hint that people should pick up on to show how worthless this data is, is the fact it's free. The only thing VGC needs is ad revenue from the hits they get. Accuracy is irrelevant.

Chevalier1480d ago

Staff can't just answer polls and give numbers for anything. Guess you don't work retail as you're clueless. Companies don't disclose anything because competitors can also 'poll' for numbers if that's the case.

Death1480d ago


Hard to argue with your keen insights and observations. You seem to know what going on, can you explain how VGC can get worldwide data on a weekly basis and then give it away for free?

Chevalier1480d ago

They actually go back and edit their numbers based of NPD and other charts which they have access to. Do you have anything to prove what you're saying? No I would guess, yet here you are claiming that numbers you don't like are wrong? When Sony announced they had 20.2 million units sold they put up numbers reflecting that.

I can tell you as I work at EB Games, we do NOT give out our sales or numbers to anyone. So YOUR idea of how polling is done is just plain idiotic. Please stop pretending that you know. You could send an army of people and it would make NO difference because we know what our sales are and how many units and volume sold. You won't get them from us though no matter how much you ask or want to know.

Death1480d ago

I agree that polling is an idiotic way of determining sales. Unfortunately, VGC is the one that does this.

You are correct, as an EB employee you can not give out this data. Sales data is sold to companies like NPD from the corporate offices. That is why NPD charges for their data, they pay for it. Even NPD is an estimate since not all retailers are willing to sell their sales data. Walmart will not disclose sales data as an example.

VGC does not update their numbers when NPD releases. This is a rumor founded on truth though. When VGC first started they tracked sales by using the data NPD, GFK, and Media Create released along with announcements by the platform holders. This was the only accurate way to do it. The problem with this is VGC was using the information these companies were selling and giving it away for free. VGC was asked to stop which is why they changed their methodology and no longer update their numbers when companies like NPD release. This is also why we no longer see monthly numbers like we used to.

Chevalier1479d ago

Does lack of monthly numbers change the fact that MS are too embarrassed to even announce their sales?! Last gen all we heard was their boasting. This time we get dead silence and Sony announces their incredible sales regularly.

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