DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin Launches on PS4 & Xbox One

Launch information for Xbox One, PS4 along with PC and last generation formats for From Software's Dark Souls 2 Remaster

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jobboy1478d ago

playing it on ps4 for 2 days....never played before...Amazing game, framerate is 60 and never seen a single hitch. :)

rosscoffx1478d ago

Nice one buddy, take it you'd recommend?

dcj05241478d ago

I've never played dark souls or dark souls 2. How does it compare to demons souls and blood Bourne?

jobboy1478d ago

slower than bloodborne....really liking 60fps

HammadTheBeast1478d ago

More similar in gameplay and style to Demons Souls rather than Bloodborne, more methodical and slower-paced combat. 60 fps is really something.

rawrock1478d ago

Just downloaded it on X1, cant wait to start...

WESKER20151478d ago ShowReplies(4)
Dennis_the_Menace1478d ago

Dark Souls the Medieval setting and atmosphere!! :)

tmh35931478d ago

Huh I'm confused how are people playing this on ps4 and Xbox one today if it isn't released till the 7th?

stuna11478d ago

I think it's due too it releasing in different area's on different dates.

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