GameSpot E3 '08: Star Wars: The Clone Wars First Impressions

GameSpot writes: ""Skywalker is the republic's only hope." Thus speaks a thoughtful Yoda in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the upcoming action game coming to the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo didn't show much gameplay in its lightning-quick preview, but what we saw whet our appetites for some saber-swinging fun.

The most fascinating element of this brief glimpse was the visual style. Clone Wars features a stylized and exaggerated look with a bit of blockiness to its geometry. We didn't see much of the game in action, but one of the small glimpses seemed to feature Obi-Wan Kenobi locked in conflict with a battle droid. The video Nintendo featured focused as much on the player experience as on gameplay proper. Players will swing their Wii remotes as lightsabers (with bright, glowing smiles on their faces, of course!), and will be able to participate in head-to-head lightsaber duels.

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vasilisk3751d ago

Looks like it's going to turn into a decent/good game