Two Classic Star Wars Games Re-Releasing on PlayStation 3

Two of the top-rated Star Wars games are to re-release on the PS3.

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Godmars2901477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Those games weren't all that back in the day. Certainly not worth a re-release.

At the very least, after all this time you'd think they could put out something better. Call it X-Wing vs Tie Fighter.

Moldiver1477d ago

Yeah, those are not good SW games. Should have been republic commando and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. PC had the best star wars games for the longest time.

Lord_Sloth1477d ago

Nah, son, Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return of the Jedi!

Moldiver1477d ago


I loved those games! but I dont think we will see snes SW games get ported to anything other than nintendos virtual console service. Which sucks. I loved the mode 7 levels in the star wars snes games. lukes sand speeder level was amazing at the time.

darthv721476d ago

starfighter and jedi starfighter...i have both on xbox and they are great the way they are. if they want to remaster star wars games then make it something from the dark forces series. Or (like others have said) the x-wing / tie fighter series.

with online multiplayer... it would be awesome calling out to team mates. Red 6 to Gold 4, time for our attack run.

antz11041476d ago

Dark Forces 2 and Jedi Power Battles....maybe even Star Wars Bounty Hunter.

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NuggetsOfGod1477d ago

RemasteredStation 4 & RemasteredBone

Wenis1476d ago

The games weren't that bad. I enjoyed playing them.. but I haven't played them since they came out, and I'm doubting they've aged very well

Godmars2901476d ago

Only more point, if we're only talking about an up rezed graphical port, why not make a new game.

I mean its almost an admission that such games can't be made.

Heyxyz1477d ago

Re-relesing on PS3? Interesting decision considering less and less people are buying games for the PS3 and 360.

GNious1477d ago

Heyxyz, so far this year, PS3 has sold (slightly) more games than PS4, so not sure why you're doubting releasing games for the PS3 is a good idea.

X360 even sold about 30% more than XOne.

The attach-rate on PS4 is higher, but this is not really surprising at this stage.

PS3s will continue to be sold for a while, and there is current just over 4x as many PS3 sold, so a market not only exists, but will continue to exit for a while.
(example: last commercial PS2 game was release January 2014 ... i.e. only a year ago)

Gamble201477d ago

It's a little deceiving about the last PS2 game. Wide scale commercially successful games had not released on the PS2 since at least 2009. However, that was still three years after the PS3 so your point remains.

Phoenix761476d ago

HD ports of rouge squadron would have been better imo

darthv721476d ago

that may be a wii-u thing.

brando0081476d ago

KOTOR is still one of my favourite games of all time. Really enjoyed the starfighter games as well, so this is good news