E3 08: 11 Ways Fallout 3 Will Kick Oblivion's Ass

Fallout 3 is more than just a sequel to one of the most beloved PC RPG series ever - it's also a spiritual successor to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, probably the single most ginormous game of the current console generation. Created by Bethesda, the same developer behind that sprawling fantasy epic, Fallout 3 has some pretty huge shoes to fill - but judging by what GamesRadar have seen so far, it took one look, scoffed and is currently at work on an even bigger pair.

While it could be described as Oblivion with guns, Fallout 3 mutates that game's first-person RPG experience into something that - while its DNA is still recognizable as Oblivion's - is wholly distinct. In fact, the small chunk of Fallout 3 that GamesRadar have played through so far essentially takes everything that was great about Oblivion and retools it into something better - here are 11 of the best examples they could find.

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Silogon3960d ago

I was a tad underwhelmed by Fallout, myself. I still loved it but was more let down by how sparse it was. Sure it's the end of the world andall that but it was too drab. Oblivion has color and style going for it, mroe than just red gore. I also didn't much grasp the whole lock on point target thing. Does this mean it switches to more of a strat tactics game?


Anyways, it looks good just not as great as I wanted it to be.

ikiru33853960d ago

you expect more color in a nuclear-bomb detonated world?

Silogon3960d ago

"Sure it's the end of the world andall that but "

Read very carefully next time. I wouldn't want your eyeballs to burst. A redish or Orangish hue would've went well with this games skyline is all I am saying. Alright?

ikiru33853960d ago

i read that. no need for that remark, so put the guns away.

a reddish or orange hue is evident in the gameplay footage or are you asking for more colorful visuals like a ratchet and clank?

WINZLOW3960d ago

of fallout in the PS store, it already kicked oblivions ass.

Ps3Fanboy7773960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Looks really interesting with that target system, the weapons but im still not sure what exactly is going on? They say its open like oblivion but has the feel of a linear shooter?

I dunno have to wait and see more of the game. Most likely a buy for the 360 though being as it gets exclusive content. Nice one Sony....

Evilninja3958d ago

It's not linear like a shooter; think of it as Oblivion with guns, but much better. The tactical system works like this: you hit a button, and the action slows to a near-stop. You can then select which body parts you want to target, and - depending on how many "action points" you have - you can set up multiple shots with multiple targets. Then you exit the tactical view, and you'll watch as you squeeze off your shots and dismember the hell out of your enemy.

So basically, you can switch it from an FPS to turn-based strategy with the touch of a button. It's pretty awesome.

WINZLOW3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

maybe it is you that expects more color in a nuclear bomb detected world but the only thing that survives nuclear blasts are cokaroaches ya noob!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the atmosphere is going to have a layer of an orange yellowish color because of the ozone layer being depleted. do you go to school?? better yet do you have any kind of education?? even more better, tell me what kind of atmosphere would make the world green after an atomic blast???

EDIT: some people are just impossible to please...