Splatoon Release Date and Inkling Amiibo Confirmed

Just moments ago, Nintendo confirmed the release date for unique Wii U shooter Splatoon, while confirming the title's amiibo support.

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gangsta_red1478d ago

No problem, Nintendo seems to have their fanbase covered with a lot of other games for their system soon to be released this year.

Hopefully we get a glimpse of Starfox soon...i'm thinking e3!

Takwin1478d ago

They nailed the post-no-Zelda lull.

Masterchief_thegoat1478d ago

no zelda no problem. now your wrong with that, zelda is their best selling game beside mario.. sure the delay is good, but no big hitter for wii u to replace zelda is big mistake from nintendo side. xenoblade does not have the more fanbase then zelda.. I hope Im wrong

gangsta_red1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

You think Zelda would have pushed anymore WiiU's out the door or gotten it out of the hole it seems to be in now? Mario can't even do it, I don't think Zelda will either.

It may boost sales for a month (or two) but I think any big release for the WiiU would do that, including Starfox or Xenoblade which is hotly anticipated.

The fanbase is pretty much established for the WiiU after how many years on the market? Even with the delay of Zelda I'm sure they are anticipating Xenoblade, Splatoon and (hopefully) Starfox that are coming out this year.

marloc_x1478d ago

Nintendo's E3 conference is going to be VERY interesting indeed.

JacketsNest1011478d ago

Um, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Splatoon, SMT x FE, Mario Maker, and Starfox disagree with you.

Masterchief_thegoat1478d ago

so you telling me xenoblade can get casual gamer to buy a wii u more then a zelda game? zelda has more fanbase plus people love link. all im tellin u zelda delay fine where nintendo big hitter are at like metroid or give them pokemon wii u for the delay

KryptoniteTail1478d ago

Splatoon, ugh. Give us some Golden Sun Amiibo or something.

Takwin1478d ago

At their current pace, by the end of the year there might be almost 100 amiibo. They are selling faster than they can produce them.

RosweeSon1478d ago

Mario Kart DLC being early and 200cc might quench the thirst and Yoshi and Splatoon (looking forward to Yoshi more myself but will check out 'toon) but other than that Nintendo will need something Big to counter a massive Dent like no Zelda in 2015, I say they need either New Star Fox which is being worked on the New F-Zero XX That ive made up but hope that Nintendo/Sega could make as they did such a great job between them last time, hell even a new Pilotwings would be great... Or the N64 Pilotwings map as DLC for the 3DS game, but yeah a new Pilotwings would be great whilst waiting for the Main event of New Zelda and Mario Galaxy 3 please, them and Shenmue 3 ;)

WizzroSupreme1478d ago

I just want to get those Splatoon Amiibos.