Bloodborne Is From Software's Best Selling New IP on PS4 In Japan, Beating Demon's Souls

GearNuke: "PS4 Exclusive Bloorborne was released last week in Japan and despite being a new IP from From Software, it has managed to sell well on a much smaller install base."

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Fro_xoxo1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

congrats I guess :)

Very well deserved.

Bloodborne suits japan's taste perfectly. :)

S2Killinit1482d ago

I don't think quality is region specific, so yes it suits Japan's taste. The game is awesome I would be surprised if it didn't appeal to any particular region.

chrismichaels041482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Congrats to Bloodborne. I agree, its a fantastic game no matter what language you speak. Definitely the first "must have" gem of 2015.

Two-Face1482d ago

Definitely the first "must have" gem on PS4 in 2015*.

There I fixed that for you. Ori and Cities Skylines came before Bloodborne and got highly praised from both critics and users.

chrismichaels041482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

@TwoFace - I have both Bloodborne and Ori & The Blind Forest. Both are good games, no question. But Bloodborne(92) is higher rated than both Ori(89) and Cities Skyline(86).

Also, I was speaking in terms of AAA exclusive retail games. And as far as AAA exclusive retail games go, Bloodborne is the first game to set the bar high in 2015.

S2Killinit1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

I dont think the contex of the sentence is taking smaller games into consideration here. If it was, then i think Helldivers is the game to beat, more so than Ori. (Personally dont think skylines should even be in this disscussion)

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miyamoto1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Rarely does agame find success on both sides of the world. I live for these kind of events where great niche games get critical acclaim and wide acceptance by gamers.

Now if he same thing can be said of their mecha games everything will be perfection.

Now I miss Frame Gride and Another Century

AndrewLB1481d ago

Considering Bloodborne is From Software's ONLY new IP for PS4... of course it's going to be their best selling new IP for PS4.

They put so much work into convincing everyone that this is a new IP, when it's clearly a "souls" game. They even refer to it as the "spiritual successor" which makes no sense because a true "new IP" isn't a successor in any way to previous games.

AnimeFreak0131482d ago

I'm happy it did as it deserves it. Wondering how much it sold everywhere else now. I just beat it yesterday at level 99 Damn I died so many times like 19 times.

AnimeFreak0131482d ago

Guess it's hard to believe then again I did Co op pretty much the whole game and that's why I only died 19 times.

Utalkin2me1482d ago

Yeah im sure you only died 19 times, roflmao....smh....

Bathyj1482d ago

I died 19 times yesterday before breakfast

stuna11482d ago

Now this ^ seems like a more believable scenario! Hell I'm constantly dying and I don't even have the game. But tonight the precious will be mine! I won like a $1,000 at Bingo last night.

MegaRay1482d ago

19? No way. I could've believed if you said 20 but 19? Is this a late April joke?

Rimeskeem1481d ago

19 times?

I died that many times an hour after I woke up

SpinalRemains1381481d ago

Soo you died so many times, like 19, yet only died 19 times.

You gave yourself away, man.

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destroyerz11482d ago

From Software is gaining more fans with Bloodborne. I'm glad for that.

mt1482d ago

I am glad it sold well, we need new IP to sell well.

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