Bloodborne’s Hunters Can Teach You a Lot More Than Just Pain

Bloodborne's hunters are fearsome foes, but also great teachers when it comes to using your weapons and understanding what is actually going on in Yharnam.

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joab7771479d ago

The best thing to learn as early as possible is when to avoid using lock on. Now, I find that I don't even use it unless I absolutely have to. You have much more freed when it's off. It's much harder but more rewarding too.

That and the gun. One thing I love, and maybe it's b/c I'm not great at it, but like parry and riposte in DS, it isn't an automatic thing to stun an enemy into visceral state every time. Maybe some have mastered it, but I like how perfect it must be, and how it's different for each enemy. Other games would allow early mastery that would be abused and ruin the challenge.

FarEastOrient1479d ago

I agree, better to roll instead of side stepping the majority of the enemies.

Viryu1479d ago

Problem is, some weapons are a pain in the spaghetti to use without lock on. Ludwig's charge attack is great with its range, but because it's pretty much a thrust, you need near perfect accuracy. Sometimes I thought I hit the enemy with the blade and no lock on, but it was a miss still.

Bathyj1479d ago

I still cant kill the first Hunter with the big bird beak nose. He slayed me about a dozen times last night. I need to level up more I think, and I think maybe try without locking on. I keep getting cornered with my back to a wall in that small area and get stuck and he just f's me up in a couple strikes.

ChipChipperson1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Oh, you mean Eileen? Did you attack her on sight when you spotted her because she's actually a friendly NPC hunter, who hunts corrupted hunters, you could have started a quest line with.

If you're only concerned about getting her badge to unlock her gear and the blades of mercy, definitely level up a bit(trust me, there are some other hunter NPCs in the game who are even more annoying), and play around with some tactics like trying to open her up to visceral attacks or timing charge attacks(I've seen axe users have more luck with this because of the range of their weapon), stock up on some blood viles and bullets for good measure. But, I'd still suggest asking people who have personally fought her. I've only had the experience of fighting along side her, but not against her.

Bathyj1479d ago

Yeah, I did talk to her first, then I found out you got the badge and unlocked a weapon if you kill her so I had a shot. Stupid me, I had 5000 blood echos on me Ill never see again :(

Im only Lvl 27 so I have a long way to go, I saw someone kill her fairly easily with a lot less hits than I gave her so I guess I just have to come back to it when I'm stronger.

I wondered if I should try to push on with the story of the game a bit more (not that I actually know where to go) instead of walking around leveling up, but it sounds like Father Gascoigne is going to violate me. And not in the good way.

Themba761479d ago

use the katana u get from cainhurst i destroyed her with that of course my blood tinge was at 20.

FarEastOrient1479d ago

Complete her questline instead of killing her, it's the easier path.

ChipChipperson1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Yeah, the trade off for her gear is you can get it very early in the game if you kill her there in the sewers, but going through her quest line requires going to about halfway through the game and beating bosses to trigger when she'll be at an area.

I would suggest leveling up just a bit more around that bridge area with the werewolves, just to increase your survivability. For Father Gascoigne, before fighting him, find a little girl at a window. She'll be at the top of a ladder, which is next to a giant wearing a cape. She'll give you an item that will aid in that battle. It's not required, but it does help, BUT it has a limited amount of use during his forms. And buy some molotovs and save them for when he goes all Mr. Hyde.

For those having trouble with the NPC hunters, specifically fighting several at a time. Play around with the gun parry ability. Visceral attacks WILL help, at least on my first play through, they made some of the battles go by quicker. And don't neglect to level up your preferred weapon and a few others. If you plan on purely going solo against them, leveling up is honestly,the best I can give you, to help keep you in the fight longer. I fought them solo, a few of them being way more difficult than some bosses, but for me personally in my experience, leveling up, learning how to dodge and what attacks "trigger" certain moves they do, and visceral attacks were how I did it.

Maxor1479d ago

WTF are you doing messing with the Crow when you're level 27? And by attacking her you're giving up an armor set, a rune, and maybe some emotes. It's not like her weapon and armor are end game worthy or anything, so unless you're in New Game+ I wouldn't aggro her.

Bathyj1479d ago

I'm sorry. I'm a noob. Did I not mention that?

SpinalRemains1381478d ago

Using numb mist helps. They can't heal and you can whack away.

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Insomnia_841479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Having trouble with one hunter? Wait until you come across TWO hunters!! I had to ring a bell for help in an area with two hunter.

robtion1479d ago

Two hunters.

Minor spoiler!!!!!!!!!

Wait until you reach the unseen village cathedral and have to face 3 hunters at once. It is nuts. I could not do it after 20 tries at level 60 and had to call in some co-op backup.

Bathyj1479d ago

WHAT ?!?! TWO ?

This is madness.

MysticStrummer1479d ago


At least if you can take one of them out they stay gone even if you die. That's my new go to area for ringing the small resonant bell, though it's fun to help people get through the Forbidden Woods.

SpinalRemains1381478d ago

Yeah the three at once is a bitch. You have to roll a lot and watch them all. You can run out and fight them individually, but that comes with challenges as well.

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Der_Kommandant1479d ago

Those 3 hunters in Yahar'gul are a pain in the ass!, well... all Yahar'gul is a pain in the ass!

hangdang1479d ago

Can't even tell you how many times I died before I figured out you could go past the dude with the laser. I got stuck on the platform and couldn't get up the first time I tried it, so I assumed you couldn't go that way!

Bathyj1479d ago


This is madness.

robtion1479d ago

@Bathyj Madness?? This is SPARTA...I mean BLOODBORNE!

goldwyncq1479d ago

The guy with the gatling gun in old yharnam was worse. Reminded me of those two archers in Dark Souls.

Viryu1479d ago

The lasers aren't random, they always follow the same path. The only time it's possible to die to those is when you still haven't known about them and just run on the stairs.

hangdang1478d ago

@viryu: I never said they were random. O said I didn't know you there were stairs behind all the hags because I got stuck on the platform and kept dying because I didn't know you could get past them

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hangdang1479d ago

The crow lady can eat shit. And so can the three that attack together. They can all have a huge bag of shit to eat, each.

Bathyj1479d ago

I actually laughed out loud when I read this because I was thinking of the mood I was in last night.

Cant for the life of me figure out why I love this game so much.

Makes me want to go to town and pick a fight wearing a "Dont F with me, I've been playing Bloodborne" T-Shirt.

GameBoyColor1479d ago

That chikage hunter at the end of The Crow quest doe. Scary ass fight.

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