Successful Kickstarter Videogame Campaigns for March 2015

Marcus Estrada writes: "March was an interesting month in the world of crowdfunding. After the ridiculous successes of February, it seemed like 2015 was off to an absolute bang. This immense success led me to believe that there would be less campaigns in March. My opinion was that potential project leads would be worried by the incredible high quality showing of campaigns in a short time frame. Also, that chances were likely that less money would be flung around in March due to backers spending heavily last month. As it turns out, we still saw a great deal of large scale campaigns - although most did not see super excessive amounts of funding. It really does seem that this is the way of the future for Kickstarter wherein campaigns rarely make hundreds of thousands over a goal amount."

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KryptoniteTail1479d ago

Extra funding is important for projects. If I want something to do well then I pledge regardless of how well it is doing, even if it exceeded its goal because you gotta love stretch goals!