Are the 500 GB PlayStation 4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundles worth buying?

Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not either of the 500 GB PlayStation 4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle and 500 GB PlayStation 4 Batman Arkham Knight Bundle Limited Edition are worth buying.

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Abash1481d ago

Hell yes, that Batman PS4 looks amazing

Vamphlet1481d ago

It looks great for sure and probably a must have for a Batman fan or collector. If I didn't already have a PS4 I would heavily consider picking this one up. But I don't think it's worth trading in my current PS4 for it.

Genuine-User1481d ago

That might be the case for almost everyone.

mikeslemonade1480d ago

I would have liked a return of the boomerang controller.

daBUSHwhaka1481d ago

You would think they would throw in a 1TB hard drive.I mean come on.When this releases the PS4 will be over a year and a half old.

Christopher1481d ago

Considering I don't just keep games I've completed and won't play again on them, I've never filled up my 200GB PS4. And I own a lot of digital content in the way of games and DLC.

Blackleg-sanji1481d ago

I have a crap ton of games and I never reached 300GBP either I wonder if some ppl just don't know how to uninstall their games because I see a lot of people saying their full already and then they list their games and I'm like dude delete that old junk

iSuperSaiyanGod1481d ago

Mines been full . 500 is not nearly enough . Why I preordered this one & picking up a tb

Bathyj1481d ago

I'd rather they sold a PS4 SKU with No HDD for 50 bucks less. It would have to be clearly marked that a HDD was still required but it would be for people that want to put their own in from the get go. Saves a bit of cash, Sony also gets to claim that their cheapest model is $349 not $399

remixx1161481d ago

That ps4 looks walnuts, I would kill to have one.

Bathyj1481d ago

A great looking game on the most popular (and powerful) console. Obviously people consider PS4 worth buying so if you were after one why wouldnt it be worth getting the bundle.

Why do people even ask these dumb questions?

StrayaKNT1481d ago

If you like batman and haven't got a next gen console yet then ofcorse its worth the purchase.

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The story is too old to be commented.