360 Rant Rave: Microsoft's E3 Press Conference Analysis

Microsoft made some big announcements yesterday at E3. Among them were the 360 dashboard update, the addition of avatars and a new partnership with Netflix. That's not all though. Let's take a look at what they announced and what it all means to us as gamers.

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pizzas3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Utter disappointment overall. Where are their new exclusive games? Do they even have any? -__-

Frag Monger3961d ago

Oh really?

-Rock Band 2 (360 Exclusive content - over 500 songs by year end)
-Infinite Undiscovery (360 Exclusive)
-The Last Remnant (360 timed exclusive - then PC)

-First GTA IV Exclusive Downloadable Episode coming this year for 360

No exclusives, huh? ;)

pwnsause3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

yes no exclusives. nothing big that can force the PS3 user to buy an xbox. the only big thing that happended yesterday was the FFXIII going multiplaform. oh and Rock Band 2 is coming to PS3 and wii by the end of the year, so its not a big deal

pizzas3961d ago

DLC means nothing to me. I'm talking about new exclusive games, not DLC.

Infinite Undiscovery is new? No.
Fable 2 is new? No.
The Last Remnant is a timed exclusive? I could have told you that weeks ago.

DLC, DLC, stolen 3rd party exclusive and more DLC! WOW! Like I want to keep playing the same game for so long.

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KillaManiac3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Frag...they never said ANYTHING about exclusive content for the 360 for Rock band 2. The Rock band 2 announcement was for a very small timed exclusive.
There is however Exclusive FALLOUT 3 DLC.

Those 500 songs from Rock band you talk about are because you can use your old DLC from Rock Band 1 (which is a AMAZING idea that GH BETTER be doing).

dachiefsman3961d ago

"stolen 3rd party exclusive"

you lost all credibility with that phrase. go cry in the open zone.

games4fun3961d ago

i agree there were no new exclusive ip's. does FF make up for it? for owners of a current 360 a little but the downside is you wont be playing it till at 2009 if not longer and its multiplat. For people who dont own a 360 this didnt do anything, unless you plan on buying a console for only one game and even then we have to wait for the game to come out to make any judgement calls on which console to buy.

In essence the bottom line is msoft had no new exclusive ip's contrary to all the hype and talk. To make up for it they got a new multiplat game.

Lord Vader3961d ago

M$ apparantly doesnt need exclusives (although Gears & Fable rocked) when they can just buy Sony's. Compare Sony's Exclusive's last year to M$, Sony got their brains beat in with M$'s exclusive games then, their only saving grace was COD4 was a multiplat.

So M$ put out abunch of AAA games last year (Mass Effect, Halo 3, Bioshock, to name a few) & doesnt have as incredible of a lineup this year, so what did they do ? They bought FF & delivered a new interface with Wii60's & Netflix & Game Installs.

Sony promises & delivers 2 years later, if at all. At least M$ delivers & keeps delivering to gamers consistantly. If you disagree, then where's Home, LBP, GOW3, & KZ2... & why does Sony let developers like Square & Rockstar & Capcom get away ??? Simple answer, they took a massive loss to Trojan Horse BluRay to win a format war that has nothing to do with games & now they either dont have the money or the will to fight M$ for developers.

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Lord Vader3961d ago

It was awesome !

Netflix + Mii's + Gears 2 + FF + Fallout !!!

Cant wait to see what Sony has got !

Frag Monger3961d ago

Agreed. I may prefer the 360, but I'm not a fanboy. I'm eager to see what Sony has to announce this year too. :)

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pow3r of t3h c3ll3961d ago

It sucked, M$ just announced all of the new games which they bought cus they can't make their own!

Boycott this evil monopoly or watch gaming go down the drain!

u got owned3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

They had an awesome show, anyone saying the opposite is a fanboy in denial. BTW, GeOW2 is looking very impressive. Cant wait to see if Sony can answer MS today.

@ Bellow

Yeah, whatever makes you feel better.

LaxMan9863961d ago

GeOW2 looks like the first... seriously

titntin3961d ago

From a core gamers perspective - it was real let down.

No Forza 3 or Alan Wake or Halo game - no new franchises at all. Nice dash update, horrid Wii's and some great news if you like to download movies (but I don't).

The FF13 was a real head turner - but as an owner of all the machines that means nothing to me, I'm looking for 360 exclusive stuff.

Portal - now thats nice! At least GOW2 and Fable2 won't let me down.

The only thing that makes the MS confernece start to look real good, is just how awful the Nintendo one was. Compared to that, the MS one was crammed with joy!

I rather suspect Sony will come out looking good as they have a huge number of first party studios developing some pretty good looking stuff, and we can suspect a few suprises too. God of War 3 has to be a huge one, but I'm expecting announcements about the new Team Ico project, a bunch of MMO's, maybe a new Dark Cloud, and whole bunch more.

I certainly hope so anyway - its been a slightly dissapointing E3 so far and I want some new titles to get excited about!!! Give me more!! :)

dachiefsman3961d ago

kind of with yea on that one, but word is MS is going to release statements on new IPs at a different conference. that what the interwebs said but who knows.

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