New MotorStorm Screenshots

Here are a few new screens from the latest build of MotorStorm for the PS3.

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Smellslikepie4425d ago

The textures on the floor don't look too good, in my opinion.

The rest of it looks really good. This game really has come a long way.

It went from: (the trailer)

to: (earlier game)


Which isn't too bad.

Athlon4425d ago

As for the ground textures, you forget the fact that those pics are taken while the game is in motion. It's like a motion blur effect. Try looking at the textures when you stay still for a second when playing the game. From firsthand expereince the groudn textures look very good.

beans4425d ago

I played this game at gamestop and wasn't impressed at all! For whatever reason this game just looks like crap to me but then again the guy there told me it's an early build and will improve drastically upon release! The one game i'm looking forward to on PS3 is Heavenly Sword and hope it lives up to the hype, but other than that I just dont see why this game (motostorm)has gotten so much attention!

shysun4425d ago

I played that demo and the downloadable one one PS3....It looks even better now.;)

DJ4425d ago

Like TGS status, before they improved the graphics and framerate. Hopefully they update the stations with a final build soon.