E308: Avatar clothing could be unlocked using game achievements

Xbox 360 fanboy writes: "Coming straight from Microsoft's Community Briefing yesterday (the same one where we got the chance to nibble on delicious chocolate delights), we learned that an Avatar's wardrobe could not only be comprised of those items offered through normal channels, but could potentially come from the earning of game achievements.

Team Microsoft said that the potential is there and developers are showing interest in offering unlockable Avatar content using game achievements. Think of items like a Gears of War 2 tshirt for your Avatar to wear if you earn the Seriously achievement or the unlock of a special ninja mask for completing Ninja Gaiden II on the hardest difficulty. It'd be an extra incentive to go after an achievement IF the achievement itself isn't enough, but the rub here is that you have to actually care about your Avatar's clothing. Us, we're all about forgoing the whole wardrobe unlock thing, sporting a naked Avatar and getting double the game's Gamerscore."

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Superfragilistic3959d ago

Clever idea.

Although there's no way I'll have the Seriously achievement until the new year... Seriously! :/

Turntable Jack3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

i think for this to be successful, they need to unleash a ton of content.

There needs to be a ton of free clothing.
There needs to be a ton of premium clothing.
There needs to be clothing for specific games you play on your xbox
There needs to be clothing for unlocking achievments.
There needs to be clothing every time you get a gamerscore landmark (5000, 10,000, etc)


Angelitos3959d ago

Wow, sort of copying HOMEs ideas

Excalibur3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

This is an e-mail I sent to M$ an hour after I saw the new avatar announcement.

"Dear Sirs,

With the addition of your new avatars may I make a suggestion or two?

I realize the avatars will have clothing options but what a wonderful idea it would be to add work type uniforms.

I recently purchased a Wii system for my girlfriend and she had a blast making her little Mii character, she showed me when she was done and I asked her why not put a nurse’s uniform on since she is a nurse.

She informed they didn’t have that option but wished they did.

I’m sure she is not the only one.

Police, Doctors, Firemen, Military, the whole nine.

It would also be nice for the kids who may want to be in one of those careers when they grow up.

I hope you also plan Xbox 360 logo wear.

Shirts, Hats, jackets, what ever you can think of!!

Lastly why not incorporate the outfits into the games?

Have a secret or special achievement that unlocks outfits from the actually game.

How cool would it be to unlock an achievement that allows me to dress my avatar in a Gears of War, Halo or Special Ops outfits from one of the various games?

That outfit would also help promote the games online.

It would also increase competition among friends to unlock those achievements first.

That’s just my take."

Rhezin3959d ago