Will Microsoft's new strategy foster a happier gaming community?

MWEB GameZone writes: "If your choice of gaming platform is an Xbox One or Windows 10, you are in for a treat this year. Microsoft wants to foster a happy community of players with one goal; to make the Xbox and Windows 10 platforms a fun place to play.

Here is how Microsoft will attempt to achieve their goal in 2015"

plut0nash3345d ago

I have one request: bundle more items in a base console. Play and charge kits need to be there by default.

SonZeRo3345d ago

agreed, getting a controller that takes AA batteries and no charging cable is sucky.

Sillicur3345d ago

Goood point ! one more thing they can do :)

Stiffler3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Great point, I fully agree. It's a bit of a nuisance considering everything else is included in the package. Just a minor con.

I believe Microsoft are onto a nice fresh start since their release screw ups and are now doing great and have their products to now show for it. Win10 and DX12 is gonna be tops!

Sillicur3345d ago

Their fresh start could not have come at a better time. New year, new hope for MS and the Xbox

blackout3345d ago

And the f#×king headset adapter. Come on

Khajiit863345d ago

Haven't owned a Microsoft console in 3 years, totally forgot about that stuff. Spent so much money last gen on the crap, and it would die within the first year.

NuggetsOfGod3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

If I have steam why would I want xbl?

Sure xbl is free but so is steam. Lol

Unless xbl will have exclusive games on it then I don't see the significance.

Dx12(console efficiency on pc, easy porting)/free Windows 10 thanks MS that is all.

Playing with xbox gamers is kinda open platform within the bubble of windows.

But would be funny to play with people who are paying to play on a server I get to play on for free at higher performance.

Don't mad at me it's just the facts not my fault.

Kind of comical when you think about.

Xbox streaming to pc meh.

Pc streaming xbox @ 1080 60fps would be nice.

But why buy xbox if I can stream pc to tv using steam link for $50?

Best thing they could do is just port xbox games.

Dx12 seems to be mostly focus on pc and xbl features for xbox gamers with low end pc's.

Imo pc gets all the cool stuff now.

Xbl right now offers pc gamers what exactly? Unless they bring some crazy must have games or features then meh again...

Lennoxb633345d ago

Why would I need steam when I have graphics like this coming to the X1? http://www.icxm.net/team/up...

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HanCilliers3345d ago

I like to think so. Good approach from MS, I would just also work on that silly parity clause as well.

Sillicur3345d ago

Indeed, that should be one of their focuses in 2015

DK2L3345d ago

If Microsoft/Windows can pull of any sort of cross-platform integration, seamlessly, I'll be well impressed.

Revvin3345d ago

Once Don Mattrick left Phil Spencer has done a very good job in re-engaging with gamers and promoting the XBOX One as a gaming device and not a media centre that just happened to play games too. His approach has been refreshing to the point its made me re-think about buying an XBOX One after originally deciding to just go with my gaming PC and a PS4 this generation. I have a feeling Microsoft will have a very positive E3 this year.

lord zaid3345d ago

Phil has been killing since he tool over, mainly because he recognised the Xbox One for what it is: A video game console.

WESKER20153345d ago

Microsoft employed a lot of snakes that sabotaged the xbox one launch, double agents don matrick and that bald british geeza who used to work for sony, this is fact, MS dont trust many people now

Sillicur3345d ago

Cant wait to see what they have in store for E3 as well

freshslicepizza3345d ago

what needs to happen is a microsoft all in one store. meaning you buy one licence for the game. that way you can play games like fable legends on the xbox or any windows 10 based system with just one purchase.

right now microsoft is still dangling a carrot because they still don't want the consumer to be totally free of the xbox. thats why people are asking if you can stream from the xbox one to the pc, not just the other way around.

in a couple of years we will have a much better idea of how microsoft is taking the pc platform seriously. one game is not enough. they tried this years ago with shadowrun and basically stopped after but microsoft is taking a whole new approach with windows 10 so we will just have to wait and see.

Revvin3345d ago

Just bought an XBOX One, Forza 5 and Halo MCC to go with my gaming PC and PS4

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HoldenZA3345d ago

I really hope cross-platform gaming becomes popular. I personally love the idea

Sillicur3345d ago

Yeh me too, Street Fighter has it too right? and MKX I think :)

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