Global Weekly Charts, 28th February 2015

Global Hardware by Platform:
PS4 231,869 (+1%) 20,215,802
3DS 181,276 (-36%) 51,517,152
XOne 80,071 (-8%) 11,638,701
PS3 48,957 (+5%) 85,293,707
PSV 41,256 (-27%) 10,048,222
WiiU 40,419 (-22%) 9,329,635
X360 24,559 (-20%) 84,634,938
Wii 2,917 (-18%) 100,965,440

1 Dragon Quest Heroes (PS3)
2 Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4)
3 Dragon Ball: Xenoverse (PS4)
4 Dying Light (PS4)
5 The Order 1866 (PS4)

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Cindy-rella2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Playstation 4 annihilated the competition and i know some people are still puzzled as to why ps4 is outselling the competition by such a wide margin. When you look at the first half of 2015 where sony are the only ones releasing AAA exclusives on ps4 and the competition has none then thats a big reason. Ps4 sales are well deserved because they are the ones constantly releasing new and exclusive titles over the other gaming consoles.

Ps4 will be double the sales of their closest competition soon by the rate they are selling now. I cant believe the ps4 is more expensive than their competition and they are selling a lot more. Im guessing that the competition will be a lot more cheaper by the holidays.

RocketScienceLvlStuf2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )


PS4 is already double the xbone's sales. Even more than double.

PS4 is absolutely crushing xbone. The sales gap is pretty much what it was last year. March will be even worse.

Microsoft have to be concerned.

Cindy-rella2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Im a girl so i dont have a "dick".
Sales matters especially when the best product is doing well because it ensures that companies will strive for quality all around. I cant wait for project morpheus release because itll be amazing. Ive experienced vr before and i love it.

Remember when the wii was selling well but it was utter rubbish for core and hardcore gamers not pledged to NES. We got the ps move, kinect, kinect 2.0,xbox one, wii u and probably the NX will be affected by its success. I think it affected the ps4s controller as well because it has the motion tracking light which is just a built in ps move controller. The Xbox one is affected because its a weaker console by a lot when compared to the ps4 and thats because of the expensive kinect 2.0 that was packed in which made xbox one more expensive.

Wii u is finished now that we have confirmation another console is coming but it has been over for the wii u a long time ago. No third party support and barely any first party.

To be on topic though, nice sales overall but ps4 is selling well.

Tapani2208d ago


If you want to be taken seriously, I encourage you to take a more critical, informative, fact-backed and business-like approach to the topics you comment.

While I understand where you are coming from, so far, you just sound like a cold war propaganda machine.

I'm all for games and stuff, even slightly tilted towards PS4 + PC combo for this gen, but man, come on! You just sound like you are in a cult!

Thatguy-3102208d ago

She might sound LiKE that but she's telling the truth. It's crazy how the ps4 is still on top even though it's the most expensive one.

Cindy-rella2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Actually i wont chill. Ill tell people what is good and why its good and not spread silly propaganda like a lot of people. Last gen my parents bought two Xbox 360s that broke because of what people said because they didnt have the information early enough about xbox 360s rrod problem. I mostly gamed on pc and missed out on a lot of console games because my parents didnt have faith in buying another console.

CaptainObvious8782208d ago

Don't forget peeps, these are vgcharts numbers so take them with a grain of salt. However, historically we know vgcharts generally over tracks xbox numbers and under tracks PS numbers so the gap could be even wider.

Even if these numbers are only in the general ballpark it's scarey to think what March numbers will look like considering Bloodborne's reception.

I guess it goes to show acknowledging the fact that there's 12 months in the year instead of just focusing on one month in one region is the way to go.

MS must be very alarmed by these numbers.

dolphin_supreme2208d ago

Cindy, sales shouldn't matter to YOU or anyone else on this website unless you're working for either Sony, Microsoft, Nitendo or any of their partners. You have no financial investment in their sales. Why ANYONE gives a crap about their sales is unhealthy. Sony (albeit the nicer of the three aforementioned) do not care about you as an individual; they care about your wallet and your expandable dollars. Enjoy their product, whatever that may be.
Calm down, Cindy. You take too much delight in the victory of something that you did not partake in.
BTW, although I agree with you about what you said regarding the ps4, the xbone is still a fine machine.

My last bubble so whatever else you gotta say I probably won't read.

Spotie2208d ago

Unhealthy? Please, give me a scientific breakdown of what's unhealthy about it.

Meanwhile, allow me to explain- and assume you won't ignore- what's already been said multiple times about why sales DO matter to us consumers.

When a console has superior sales, it gets superior software support. Ostensibly, this is in terms of numbers; quality is a separate matter, as seen by the sheer number of games the Wii got, versus the number of quality games it got. To be sure, the more games a console gets, the more shovelware it gets, too. Still, it also typically gets more quality games, as well. With the PS4 likely to hold on to its commanding lead, PS4 owners are likely to see more third party exclusive titles for their console.

In order to remain relevant, the competition will often up their quality. This means you can expect to see Microsoft and Nintendo work harder to try and claw back every bit of sales they can, or at least cement their product as the premier companion console... unless one or both decide to give up. I can't see this last thing happening, but you never know.

Third, PlayStation, in particular, dominating a generation has been pretty good for gaming, historically. This is mostly due to the previous reason; still, think back to all the masterpieces created during the fifth and sixth generations. Not just on Sony hardware, but across the board. I daresay those were the best years of console gaming. Perhaps the same result could have been had if some other company dominated, but as no other has been in that position- excluding the Wii, which positioned itself as more of a niche console than any other I'm aware of- we can't say for certain.

LoveSpuds2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

I personally do care, while I dont have a financial stake I do have an interest in my favourite brand that has a proven track record of fostering growth of the gaming industry, doing well.

I am a Sony fan, I am not ashamed of this, I respect how they have and continue to operate within the industry (for the most part). I love the PlayStation brand, its history and what it promises.

Its possible to hold these opinions without being a fanboy. Having opinions like mine does not make you a fanboy, the way you act is what determines this.

Loadedklip2208d ago

PS4 outsold the XB1 in 2013 and 2014 by a lot DESPITE having inferior exclusives.

So ... while exclusives might be helping PS4 a bit in 2015 ... it sure isn't the main reason.

darkangel3602208d ago

What triple aaa? Because i only see bloodborne the others are shitty games

q8kik2208d ago

Could you name some of those "shitty" games?

Plz inlighten me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Svinya2208d ago

Good for you? Who cares? Was it really worth it typing out all that drivel? And why does a girl on n4g feel the need to constantly troll and/or provide nothing useful to the discussion?

Sincere01212207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Delusion at its finest, please go back to playing with Barbie dolls

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JMaine5182208d ago

The Rulers Back! If this was February im really interested in the March numbers. The PS4 is just a money printer.

WelkinCole2208d ago

Only the last week of feb. Not the whole of feb.

JMaine5182208d ago

Damn your right. Wow PS4 had a great feb in the "dead" months.

Bathyj2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Just in time to be a month late...

OT. Almost 3:1 globally. Going by those numbers PS3 has more chance of catching Xbox than Xbox catching PS4.

Gamer19822207d ago

Indeed we still havnt got Bloodbourne and China launch numbers in there yet..

BitbyDeath2208d ago

Your crazy if you think PS4 is still at 20 million.

dolphin_supreme2208d ago

You think larger or smaller number? Also remember they approximate. At best, they show trends

NeverHeavyMan2208d ago

The key word is "still". Thus, he means larger, and he'd be correct, given these are the numbers from February 28.

Rimeskeem2208d ago

I'm assuming you could add another million or 2 units to the Ps4 in March because of Bloodborne

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