NEW: Gears of War 2 Gameplay Montage

A 1 minute gameplay montage of Gears of War 2. Marcus Fenix revs up once more in this high octane sequel.

Please use view video link at bottom if video is not working.

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Peekay3967d ago

there's some pretty awesome shooters coming out for both 360 and Ps3!

ParadoxicalAssassin3967d ago

this is a sweet game, but they might just be over hyping games too much. You may disagree with me but, when a company over hypes their own games, it usually turns out as a disappointment(Fable, Halo3, Lair, Haze, GtaIV). Although they are fun games, i hope they don't pull a halo 3 with this one.

leila013967d ago

Fable wasn't a disappointment; I loved it.

Mc Fadge3967d ago

But it wasn't what they promised

Xi3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

wasn't a dissapointment.

that's like saying mgs4 was.

Halo was made for the fans, and the fans love it.

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Silogon3967d ago

I wasn't always the biggest GOW fan so It's a bit hard for me to be excited about more of the same on a slightly different scale. Graphically it looks pretty amazing, but now seeing Killzone 2 and Resistance 2, even though I hate FPS, I'm going to have to say they looks better.

I don't know if those 2 games can take away from the incredible xbox 360 line up this year though. Well, KZ2 can't cause it's next year.

I think Fable 2 is worth the price of admission alone. Game is just absolutely amazing and one game that shows Microsoft is listening to its core gamer and unlike Sony invest in RPGS and Adventures for its gamers. Not just shooters.

Sony desperately needs a RPG this year!!!!

pp3967d ago

Resistence 2 doesn't even come close to gears of war 2 graphics wise

jkhan3967d ago

Gears 2 looks awesome and the multiplayer modes are insane, but I am still waiting to see some footage where I actually fight more than 3 baddies.

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