Playing DivX and Xvid content on Xbox 360 – An easy guide!

Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console is one of the most popular ever. It's great for sitting around and playing games with friends and you can even play DVD's and music CD's on the console. While this isn't terribly exciting, if you have a system that is running Windows Media Center (MCE) or Vista Ultimate Edition, you can stream Windows Media Video (WMV) movies to your 360 console over the network.

The down side is that you are forced to use one of these operating systems and the WMV codec isn't all that good – compression is not that great and although it's becoming more popular these days, DivX and Xvid are preferred "DVD backup" choice codec's, shall we say? These lesser mainstream codec's offer better compression and many folks on the darker side of the Web mostly use this format to distribute movies around the Internet since they are the most 1337 choice among enthusiasts.

Since the Xbox 360 is essentially a PC wrapped in Microsoft 360 dashboard software, I always thought there must be some way to play movies other than WMV on the console – without actually hacking the 360 software and hence voiding your warranty. It turns out you can!

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2tired2day2hate4333d ago

this tutorial is MUCH clearer than the other ones. the only thing im having trouble with is finding out how to get rid of the live feeds that it comes with. i have over 200 divx movies on my pc and with all the other live streams it comes with, the video folder on my 360 has over 1000 items. most of which ive never seen and dont care to. any ideas?

NoFanBoy4332d ago

You still need to stream!!
Ah.... whats the effing point if the 360 is supposed to the be the media/entertainment center hub etc then why should we need a pc at all ? this is just more pissing around, my modded xbox1 puts the 360 to shame.