Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct, Treehouse presentation announced for tomorrow

Catch a NintendoDirectNA about WiiU & 3DS games on 4/1 at 3 p.m. PT. Don’t let the date fool you: This is no joke!


For Europe, the Nintendo Direct will take place on 02/04 at 00:00 CEST.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2211d ago

They did this in 2013 as well so I half expected the rumor to be true.
Now, what are the odds that the stuff mentioned in the rumor will be real?
A new Paper Mario game would be most welcome.
I wasn't satisfied with Sticker Star.

DryBoneKoopa852211d ago

I am over the moon HYPED! I just really badly want Fatal Frame 5. So I really hope the leak was not a bunch of BS.

VenomUK2211d ago

For the UK this will be 11pm British Summer Time.

After the delay of Zelda I have a feeling that there will be at least one nice surprise!

Dubaman2211d ago

I've been out of the loop for a few months so this rumour you speak of is new to me. Would you kindly to fill me in or send me a link with sad rumour? Searching for Nintendo + rumour is opening the flood gates on failed and false rumours from years ago.
Thanking you kindly.

Concertoine2211d ago

Its confirmed fake by the poster though. Just a lucky coincidence.

Dubaman2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )


Thank you very muchly Sir/Madam! Sucks that its a confirmed fake though, but it would be very uncharacteristic of Nintendo to have such a detailed leak. So it was a long shot. Still, all of it seems pretty plausible even though its BS. I would love to have another Devil's Third trailer to gorp over for a few months.

Big_Game_Hunters2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

If the rumours are real we will be seeing starfox as well, unfortunately no mention of XenobladeX :/ i imagine that's because we are getting a DOLL direct soon.

@ concertoine
Thats what they wants you to believe!

at least thats what i want to believe lol.

pcz2210d ago

they will announce they are halting wiiu production.

no really, hopefully they will anounce xenoblade limited edition package and a xeno/wiiu bundle

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Eamon2211d ago

Please more info on Zelda Wii U. It ain't coming this year so give us something before then!

G3n3raL862211d ago

Iwata: Metroid 3DS and Wii U, Kid Icarus 2, F-Zero U, Pokemon U, Fire Embem U, New Retro IP, Gamecube games on the eshop, ALL for 2015.


Iwata: April's Fool Day Y'all!!!! (please understand):D

higgins782211d ago

You make it sound so, so easy. Perhaps you should be in charge, either that or designing the games - with the pure skill and dedication required. Yes, everybody (including myself) would like nothing more than a slew of AAA Nintendo exclusives released in 2015, but I would prefer Nintendo stick with quality as opposed to quantity, as has always been the priority. Besides, I own both a WiiU and New 3DS. If like me you are a Nintendo fan and own both. how you dont feel overwhelmed with games at present is beyond me...

G3n3raL862211d ago

I too own both Wii U and 3DS. And for heaven's sake i was just making a joke:)

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Blackleg-sanji2211d ago

Why did u jus give this man/woman a speech over a joke? I actually wish they did announce all that tho

Sincere01212211d ago

Lol unfortunately your probably not far from the truth. Directs are usually disappointing. I Bet there will be far too much talk on handhelds 3ds.

At this point in time the whole direct should be focused on the Wii U Only.

I hope Nintendo make me eat my words though and prove me wrong, give us some hope. Lol

randomass1712211d ago

Maybe it's because I'm a more casual fan of Nintendo, but I don't really find the Directs to be all that disappointing even when they don't have a lot to offer me. To me they are like movie previews in internet video form.

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