Rumor Control: a journey through Microsoft’s “hidden” intellectual properties for Xbox One

An insider gives its look to all the exclusive titles coming to Xbox One (and Windows 10), including some new rumors about new projects and IPs.

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ThinkThink3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Why did my comment get marked as spam? All I did was list some of the games mentioned.

Fireseed3096d ago

Because trying to undermine the viewers need to actually go to the site is kind of rude.

borneblood1233096d ago

In other words, it's all about the clicks.

Fireseed3096d ago

Yeah, basically. I dislike click bait articles as much as the next guy but let's be real here. If websites don't have the support of traffic to their pages then why continue to do it for free? The seething hatred towards the idea that someone is supporting themselves by doing anything in the real of video games is staggering and moronic.

jetlian3096d ago

thats stupid ! nobody cares about their site and it isnt even news its a rumor.

what does their site have to do with n4g? nothing. If you want clicks write something worth clicking for

StrayaKNT3096d ago

Anything with good news related to microsoft gets you bubbled down on this site.

OT: there is a tonne of unannounced new ip's microsoft is working on cant wait to see what is revealed at e3 this year.

Gazondaily3096d ago

No mate. It was marked as spam. You can't put the entirety of the article's content in the comments section. Thats why it got marked.

bouzebbal3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

"there is a tonne of unannounced new ip's microsoft is working on"
How do you know there are tons if they are unannounced? the article states 4 unannounced games from Rare, Skyboks Labs, Twisted Pixel, Good Science Studio. Did i miss something?

"Anything with good news related to microsoft gets you bubbled down on this site"
That's kinda normal because your claims are pure speculation from your side cause that's what you want to see happening.

i'm looking forward to what Rare have up their sleeves.

christocolus3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )


Aussie is right. There's a lot more. the article isn't counting 2nd party or even likely third party exclusive projects and we know lionhead, rare, decisive games, soma, pressplay and lxp are developing new games. rare and lionhead have multiple projects same with 343i.

bouzebbal3096d ago

i'm maybe ignorant but can you tell me what these studios developed in the past? i never heard of them tbh...
Anyways, we'll see at e3. 2 months to go.

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Why o why3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

To be fair. . . Wouldn't all camps have unannounced titles in the works. That should go without saying no?

whether these titles will bare fruit is another question. We can only hope and try not to prejudge.

In regards to the negativity around x camp. . . . .swings and roundabouts. . There was a time when. . . . . , arghh, old news, no matter

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BALLARD323096d ago

A spiritual successor to 1 vs 100? Please be true.

ScorpiusX3096d ago

Everything retail or Digital will find a home in my Xbox one. ...

hells_supernova3096d ago

I want a true age of empires, also Crimson sky was awesome bring that back.