Our Thoughts On The Nintendo NX

Join us as we discuss the recent news of Nintendo finally entering the mobile market space with a company by the name of dena... Also there new console, codenamed NX.

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Coachkeys3260d ago

I'm wondering if NX will integrate all platforms into one. Games that utilize your smartphone, ds and console all at once. Considering the DeNA partnership, it could happen.

Tuet0ne3260d ago

That sounds like a huge possibility.


Will There Ever Be A New Rayman Game?

Ubisoft barely have a leg to stand on lately, so do they need to crack open the vaults and return platforming royalty to glory for some goodwill?

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-Foxtrot4d ago

We need Rayman 4, they could make a great platformer game if they wanted. With the open hub levels and the like.

Better than relying on Rabbids and Assassins Creed all the time

Profchaos3d ago

Yeah agree id love a Rayman 2 style 3d platform game over another 2d platformer I know people loved legends but it never gelled with me same as Rayman 1 back in the day on PS it just felt like a average platformer with sonic and Mario offering something better on what was then last gen hardware

Terry_B3d ago

Yes..but I am sure it won't be the Rayman game fans want. Not from the company that is Ubisoft today.

mastershredder3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Ancel is retired from games. His hoodlum/rabbid team are doing their own thing. It would not be the same if Ubisoft did.

Profchaos3d ago

Probably far more profitable to make low effort Rabbids games aimed at kids over a next Rayman

Chocoburger3d ago

Experience points, skill trees to fill up, level gating, endless menial tasks and side quests, constantly scrounging for resources. Always having to upgrade your gear. A.KA. "The Ubisoft effect".

No thanks, don't ruin Rayman's legacy.

Profchaos3d ago

Sure there will be it'll launch right alongside the next splinter cell

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Switch 2 Specs – What to Expect from Nintendo’s Next-Gen Console

GB: "The Switch is inarguably in its final stages of its lifecycle. As such, we try to speculate what its successor would look like from a specs perspective."

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Jin_Sakai4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It’s just a guessing game until Nintendo officially reveals the console. Better to keep expectations low.

--Onilink--4d ago

More than anything, unless Nvidia is really doing some crazy magic, I would say keep expectations in check regarding what can be achieved with DLSS.

Its still amazing that it will have it, specially coming off so many Switch games with reaaally low resolutions and no AA, it can definitely provide an advantage.

But DLSS still has a render budget cost to implement, its not free fps, and like all super samplers, its worst quality is when starting from really low base resolutions.

Same with DLSS 3, even if it were technically possible from a hardware standpoint, its not really meant to be used with base 30fps

FinalFantasyFanatic4d ago

This, I got so sick and tired of the Nintendo Pro spec/release date rumours, now I'll probably get it all over again with the Switch successor (except the Switch 2 actually exists and will come out).

contra1574d ago

Let’s all say a prayer for backwards compatibility

Popsicle4d ago

Better be a huge prayer. This is Nintendo we are discussing.

SonOfOsiris3d ago

Lol yeah, DS played gameboy games, 3DS played DS/Lite/i games, Wii played GameCube games, WiiU played Wii games and accessories, yeah a huge prayer is needed hahaha

Firebird3604d ago

No bc is a no buy for me. I'm done supporting the practice of our game libraries not moving forward with us.
Pc has done this for years and years. Consoles can to, there no excuse.

darthv724d ago

My only expectation would be it can play existing switch carts and digital games. Like 3DS did with DS

CrimsonWing694d ago

I think with the way things are shifting to more a PC mentality, having access to your digital library is not only necessary, it’s mandatory.

Unless Nintendo is stuck in the past, which we’ve seen they have been, I can’t imagine them closing off the Switch eshop like it’s a WiiU eshop. I’d hope they’d be like Sony and Xbox moving forward and their digital marketplace.

jznrpg4d ago

Digital library I don’t care I want my physical games to work on the new Switch

FinalFantasyFanatic3d ago

Nintendo is always 2 steps forward, one step back, I really hope they don't mess BC up, they have taken steps that indicate that we'll be able to keep our Switch libraries, some of those games could really benefit from more processing power.

GhostScholar4d ago

I’d give anything for trophy/achievement systems

notachance4d ago

I haven't touched my switch for years despite there are some games on it I want to play because there's no achievement system.

GhostScholar4d ago

Glad I’m not the only one, and I feel like there could be some really cool achievement tiles and game related achievements to the first party Nintendo games like Mario, Zelda, etc

I know they won’t have them because Nintendo is so out of touch, but if they had achievements switch would have been my console of choice I think.

cthulhucultist4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

We have to be realistic given the requirements Nintendo usually considers when deploying a new console the last few years.

It must be power efficient and small in form factor in addition to being hybrid (therefore lowered specs in comparison with other consoles). This means that it will not become as hot when playing as say the Steam Deck.

It must be relatively cheap (not in the 500$ price range but lower)

It must be backwards compatible with Switch

Therefore I am expecting base PS4 power level with newer hardware and upscaling tricks. Anything more powerful will eat the battery rather quickly especially if the rumours about the 8 inch screen are true.

But consider having a Zelda with Ghosts of Tsushima level of graphics! That would be simply stunning

darthv724d ago

Switch 2 should be at least double what the Switch 1 is, which itself is below 1tf. so seeing a Switch 2 hit around the 1.6tf would put it in Steam Deck range, maybe a little better than that thanks to FSR and DLSS support.