E3 2008: PS3 IGN's impressions of the Microsoft E3 Conference

If you're a fan of Sony's current console, you may be feeling a number of different things now that Microsoft's E3 press conference is over. We thought we'd take a moment to chat about our reactions to the conference from a PS3 owner's perspective, especially considering the fact that not all gamers have access to multiple platforms. So what went on during that hour (plus) long event? Besides a new Gears of War 2 demo, gameplay footage of Fallout 3 and some other fun items, Microsoft unleashed a few new "innovations" that bore a striking resemblance to pre-existing Sony and Nintendo properties. And of course, one has to consider the bombshell that Square-Enix revealed at the end of the show (we'll touch on that soon). So what's a PS3 enthusiast to do with such a mixed bag of news? Let's reflect.

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name3964d ago

You should change the name of the article into what are PS3 owners feeling about the conference. The title makes it look like yet another article from some random site. And include IGN so we know it's important xD I approved though it's not that big of a deal.

thereapersson3964d ago

Had to find an image that best suited this story!

name3964d ago

"So, yeah. I'm really upset that FFXIII got announced. Not because I'm going to miss the exclusive but because no one's going to talk about how weak the conference was overall. With the final five minutes, Microsoft ensured that Sony's going to have to do something freaking insane tomorrow morning to be declared the winner of E3."

That part just completely nailed it. IGN ftw.

thereapersson3964d ago

It's sad that one massive game announcement overwrote all the (admittedly) rather underwhelming announcements from the MS camp. People are even overlooking the massive unoriginality of many of MS's offerings because they are so focused on a game that is STILL on the PS3 and is STILL being developed first and foremost for the system.

Still sucks that it had to happen this way, though...

CViper3964d ago

All of the hype we heard about them utilizing the cell, white engine, blah blah is out the window because of who the game has to be optimized for now. This was one of the reasons I bought a ps3. I doubt that M$ is going to allow the PS3 version to be better in any way shape or form. Meaning bluray doesn't matter anymore, nor does the cell.

This was the only news at their conference. They didn't show any of their own new material. Who the hell comes to E3 and shows multiplats first? This could very well be one of the worst generations in gaming.

And it seems like we truly will have a single generic underpowered EA perfect world of squeezing money out of gamers - game system. If sony can lose FF13 like this, they can surely lose the rest of the titles as long as MS writes a check. Thats not competition, gamers don't benefit from it, and I dont understand why more people dont see that.

TheExecutive3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

the MS press conference was lame except for the announcement of FF.

I will say it again, the press conference was still lame. You know you have nothing at all when the biggest news of the conference is when you get a port from a once exclusive game of your competing console. I mean give me a break. Does that seem pathetic to anyone else?

I think it universally accepted that the avatars fly in the face of almost every owner of a 360. I mean who does MS think they sell these consoles to? 5 year olds? Talk about not knowing your market. The only other cool thing from the conference was the Netflix announcement.

falviousuk3964d ago

@2.3 of course you would say that. You would say that regardless of what they brought out. Ms have said that they used the press conference to show what they are doing for the casual market and to help broaden their appeal to a wider audience.
Which is why they chose to use it to show off the stuff they did. Including the avatars, to again appeal to a much broader audience. You dont need to use the avatars if you dont like them, you can still use your gamerpic.

vasilisk3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Casual market? You mean Sony and Wii rip offs and advertising x360 as a movie machine (kind of ironic isn't it). As IGN notes it was as mediocre as it could be. No new IP's, 2 hours of complete boredom, only to watch the final 5 minutes. Overall it was meh...

vdesai3964d ago

It is going to be created on PS3 first then ported to the 360 MS did not buy it anyways they simply got it to be multi plat I would not be surprised if the presentation on the 360 is below par. After the Japaneses version is created all thats left for the PS3 is to translate but the 360 version has to be optimized, converted, etc.

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Alvadr3964d ago

They need to deffinatly announce something big and available very soon.. and not due Winter 2009.

Home open beta
Wipeout HD
Killzone Demo
LBP Demo

Are all things they could announce for immediate availability if they get their arses into gear. I have my fingers crossed.

Mikelarry3964d ago

think home will be a big news anymore
kill zone yeah
LBP definitly
GOW 3 amazing

so sony the floor is all yours show us why you won the console war last gen

Origin3964d ago

dont forget gt5
if they get that in next year ff wont even matter

Spike473964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

I went out to take the trash after I saw the SQ idiot leave and when I came back I saw FF13 on the xbox360.

at first I thought it was star ocean or something like that since they all look alike.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

Pain3964d ago

man they paid out the A$$ with M$ Office/Excel royalties for that...must be REALLY Desperate.

Azailexx3964d ago

Sony will indeed counter squares mistake.

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