Bloodborne Has a Cool Secret Feature That Can Actually Save Your Life In Game

GearNuke: "Bloodborne gives the players the ability to rate the messages left behind by other players online in the game, but there is actually a hidden secret to these messages that you probably haven't heard about yet."

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DEEBO3108d ago

It gives. You wings.

But really it does give you health that's why i try to rate other players messages because they might be low on health and going through hell.

NecotheSergal3108d ago

Demon's Souls had this same feature. This is definitely not a secret, especially where a font pops up on your screen, directly telling you why you got a health boost - because someone rated your comment 'FfiiiIIiIinnne'.

I mean, why is Gearnuke making this out to be some kinda ultra super secret fucking feature? It's just blatantly a game feature that is to promote honesty within the messages rather than deception....

This is not new, nor a secret.

thorstein3108d ago

Not only that, it gives you the details on the notebook when you look at it in your inventory.

NecotheSergal3108d ago

@thorstein - SHHHH ITS A SECRET!

ravinash3107d ago

What happens when someone rates your message as foul?

WildArmed3107d ago

Pretty much, so many of the messages were just praise the sun and heeellppp

christian hour3107d ago

Because, making news out of nothign and calling it a secret equals getting lots of sweet hits from bloodborne players scouring for super secrets.

I can't tell you how many times this has saved my life :) I'm always leaving notes at every turn.

pixelsword3107d ago

Heck, no that's not new; I used to get a lot of health by getting laughs from people... I used to put "sticky white stuff" on Blacksmith Ed's bed and get a jillion health.

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nX3108d ago

It's like that since Demon's Souls though so not really something new or "secret".
Protip: Make sure to "protect" your best placed messages and you'll regularly get the health boost.

NecotheSergal3108d ago

Always make sure to make funny comments, even if it seems typical.

Like, I always leave Rolling-related comments around places with tons of things to smash, like the areas with giant vases and pots.

Everyone loves that shit. It's got 50-100+ Likes on it.

"It's all thanks to rolling"

"reeks of rolling"

joab7773108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

It's saved me a few times. Once in a boss fight with 1 vial left and no health. It got refilled, and gave me just enough time to beat it.

Thats why I put them everywhere I can. I learn the areas so well that I try to help out if I can. And I always read others and rate too.

The only thing is that sometimes the button is finicky and I'm too quick and it rates foul.

pwnsause_returns3108d ago

Umm this feature has been around since demons souls, if you rate the message,the other person who created the message gets the health boost. This is not new.

Lord_Sloth3107d ago

Thank you. It's also not a viable strategy since you never know who's going to rate your message or when they're going to do so.

christian hour3107d ago

It is a very viable strategy, the more notes you leave and the more areas you leave them in, the more likely it is to happen, especially if you make certain your notes are super helpful and useful. I've put down a tonne of notes, nearly all of them have 40-50 appraisals :)

pwnsause_returns3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Thats why its encouraged to create messages. Just dont spam it, do it when you believe its necessary

christian hour3107d ago

All my notes have been very helpful, my most recent ones were leading people to a door that leads to *spoiler*, after you take the elevator thats in Cathedral ward up to the healing cathedral workshop tower, the place you work your way down by dropping on to wooden beams and platforms, I left a few notes guiding people how to land on that ledge with the door without dying, along with gestures to point the correct direction to drop :) I like to help :D

ziggurcat3108d ago

um... that's been around since demon's souls.