Not Enough Games on Vita? 50 Incredible Vita Games You Can Play Right Now

The PlayStation Vita is an under appreciated piece of hardware, many gamers are quick to write the Vita off, usually with the common phrase of "It Has No Games", which simply isn't true. From its ever-growing list of AAA games, to the boatload of remarkable 'indie' titles, it's arguably the best device for playing games on the go. To any Vita naysayers out there, here's 50 great PlayStation Vita games you can play right now.

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yuukiliu1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

I own 36 of those. I would also add the second danganronpa and tales of hearts r to the list. I have a couple games not released in the west that would make my list as well, God eater 2, one piece musiu 2 and steins gate. Even though it just released I think Oreshika also deserves a place on that list. The vita has an amazing line up of truly unique games. I am not sure which I love more between my 3ds and my vita.

dolphin_supreme1883d ago

i was just about to mention tales. its such a great series! wish it got more love here in the west. id really like to see tales of zestiria here in the west...

Rockets121883d ago

Games I would add to this list include: Tales of Hearts R, Hatsune Miku Project Diva F/F 2nd, any MLB game, Sword Art Online, Ys Memories of Celceta.
Of course some of those games require a specific interest in the genre, so it might not be fore everyone.

On a side note, I have never gotten into playing most indie games, so my question is which ones would you guys recommend I start with?

Youngindy211883d ago

I don't know why people always forget about Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd. That is a pretty good PS Vita game. I bought it on a whim when it was on sale on PSN and I haven't regretted the purchase. It is such an addicting music game. Sadly most people won't play it because they can't get past the look of the game. I'm not even into Japanese anime or any of that stuff and I enjoyed it.

SamPao1883d ago

Start with the ones on ps+ :)
Helldivers is awesome
Velocity is great
Olliolli is pretty cool(played today)

Rockets121883d ago

Not understanding the disagrees all these posts have, but whatever lol.
That's a good point to start with the ones on PS+. I have never subscribed (I wouldn't take advantage of the features as often, so not worth it at the moment), but maybe I should.

SamPao1883d ago

yeah I don't understand either ^^

ps+ has been absolutely worth the money. there are some great gems on it that I wouldn't have experienced if I wasn't subscribed!

admiralvic1883d ago

"Games I would add to this list include..."

Maybe its me, but I find it amazing (depressing?) that even with 50 titles you can have notable titles left out.While I could understand excluding Toukiden (though I would argue it's a better game, save story, than Soul Sacrifice or Freedom Wars) because you didn't like it, but how can you leave out Disgaea? Disagree 3/4 both had amazing gameplay, suit the "pick up and play" style of a portable system, had a lot of content (not to mention the fact both of these games had all the DLC and new content, adding a substantial amount of new content) and easily one of the best games I've played on the Vita.

"On a side note, I have never gotten into playing most indie games, so my question is which ones would you guys recommend I start with?"

Depends what you're looking for really. Indie games tend to deliver in one category and are lacking in another category. Like I enjoyed Rogue Legacy's gameplay, but it wasn't the most varied game around, nor did it have an interesting story, a diverse selection of enemies and such. This can be said of most of them, so before I can really say "oh man, you got to totally play Woah Dave! (Note! No one ever needs to play Woah Dave!)," I would need to know what exactly you're looking for or want in a game.

miyamoto1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

If you really want console experience on PS Vita/TV play Lego Ninjago Shadow of Ronin and Toukiden Kiwami.
Its jampacked with cool gamwleplay, graphics and mean boss fights!

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denijt1883d ago

Great list! And than to think there are so many more worthwhile games on the system that weren't even mentioned. Long live the Vita!

Phoenix761883d ago

I would of included C.O.U.N.T.E.R Spy as well

pyramidshead1883d ago

fantastic game. Love the 70s spy vibe. Great gameplay despite being simple. Was a god send to get that tranq gun.

Currently have 70+ on my Vita, thank god for the 64gb card I imported.

Nerdmaster1883d ago

The sad thing for me is that considering the exclusives, only a couple of them I really liked to play (even Muramasa, which I really wanted to play on Wii, ended up being disappointing). And the multiplatform ones are either not that fun for my taste, or they're made to be played on a big screen (like the Telltale games, Killzone, Uncharted...).

To be fair, the games on this list that I actually like are incredible (like Persona 4 Golden and Zero Escape)

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