Xbox 360 and Netflix Deal, how will Sony's PS3 counter that? writes: "Microsoft announced yesterday at the E3 2008 briefing a partnership with movie rental service Netflix. Xbox 360 Xbox LIVE Gold members who are also Netflix subscribers can this holiday season instantly stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix.

This pretty huge, as Netflix is largest online movie rental service in the world. With the exclusive deal Microsoft gives the Xbox 360 a pretty strong media presence in the living room, despite lacking Blu-ray support.
For those with limited broadband connectivity the Xbox 360 Netflix deal is of course not adding to their experience. A disc based movie playback is still important in my opinion.
Later today Sony has its turn to counter the Xbox 360 Netflix deal in their E3 2008 press-conference."

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Le-mo3964d ago

Sony and Gamefly deal? I kid.

Genesis53964d ago

Ummmm! They own a movie studio. Probably have some contacts in the movie industry.

BananaSlug3964d ago

Last we heard, they are the only movie studio in their movie store offering movies.

That is quite sad.

Hopefully they were keeping those partnerships secret for E3.

Dont be late to your own party Sony.

Thugbot1873964d ago

Sony really could have beat Microsoft to the punch on this one. I guess the obsession with Blu-Ray being the next disc format has caused the PS3 to suffer this Gen. Now that Microsoft is releasing games that require a hard drive the advantage of Blu-Ray is becoming less. Let’s face it being able to watch Netflix online in HD is cool. Then you add in the fact that there are more DVD’s to select from than Blu-Ray movies… Add in the increased resolution beyond 1080p. 360 is starting to look better in the living room.

mikeslemonade3964d ago

Blu-ray is true HD that is the selling point.

uie4rhig3964d ago

free unlimited movies for a week off the PS Store? for a monthly subscription of £50 per year?

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thereapersson3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Netflix chose to back Blu-Ray, which Sony is the biggest proponent of. Then they turn and strike a deal with MS, who champion Digital Distribution.

I guess it makes sense though, considering you can already stream many movies to your Windows-based PC through Windows Media Player 11. The 360 already comes equipped with much of this functionality, so I suppose the team up works out better than I thought it would.

BTW, have fun watching those HD movies in all their compressed, motion-artifacting and frame blocking glory. I'll be watching Blu-Ray films in 1080p on my PS3 and streaming movies through my PC with my same Netflix account. I am not missing out on anything by not having LIVE.

Jack Meahoffer3964d ago

You mean like every other HD content provider besides disk based media? Whether you're watching Direct TV HD, Comcast On Demand or even the up coming PS3 movie store. ALL OF THEM ARE COMPRESSED PERIOD. You actually think Sony is going to serve up 25GB movies over download? If you do then your wrong.

This is about options. I have a PS3 and I buy Bluray movies for hardcore movies that I want to own but its nice to be able to sit on my couch and rent a movie on my 360 and it be ready to play within minutes.

Trying to trash this service is nothing but weak brand worshiping jealously. Options are NEVER a bad thing. EVER! No matter how the brand worshipers try to spin it.

season0073964d ago

i am a subscriber of netflix but the movies are OLD....well i hope they got something different and better for xbox 360

Kholinar3964d ago

"Netflix chose to back Blu-Ray, which Sony is the biggest proponent of. Then they turn and strike a deal with MS, who champion Digital Distribution. "

They only chose to back Blu-ray after the end of the war. Before that they had both formats. Blockbuster, on the other hand, jumped to Blu-ray early.

Anyway, I'm not real happy about this, especially if it is exclusive. I know Sony has studios and wants to do their own store, but I can't see it doing anything but sucking if you like things outside recent blockbusters or mainstream older movies. I mostly watch foreign and indie films, and that's why I have netflix... because blockbuster sucks in those categories. I'd love to see Sony focus somewhat on those, but I don't believe there's a chance in hell that they will.

This is the only feature on the 360 that I want, and I have no desire to own a 360 for any reason. I guess I'd be better off with the Roku... but it would have been nice to just use the ps3.

Anyway, I think Netflix would jump ship and support both platforms in a second, if it was feasible. The problem is that they don't seem to work hard on a mac or linux port... so that makes me think that they'd rather stick to easy ms drm.

Ghoul3964d ago

aehm those 10.000 movies arent hd ...

Bubble Buddy3964d ago

money money moneyyyyyyyyyy, anyways, I prefer torrents, I'm not a rich man :p, they take longer, but it's free :), and i can send it to my ps3.

Panthers3964d ago

Isnt all of Netflix movies that you can Stream really old? They usually arent the new or better movies.

Scarfy3964d ago

"ALL OF THEM ARE COMPRESSED PERIOD. You actually think Sony is going to serve up 25GB movies over download? If you do then your wrong."

And to quote George Orwell, All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Basically what I'm saying is that, yes, the movies are compressed, but a 2 hour 720p movie compressed to 1Gb is never going to look, or sound, better than the same 2 hour movie playing off a Blu-ray disc...

thereapersson3964d ago

Bubbles for speaking sense

Jack Meahoffer3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

No one is questioning whether or not an uncompressed movie looks better than a compressed movie. When did I say anything close to that? I didn't. Obviously pure uncompressed content is better than compressed. Why don't you tell that to everyone paying for HD content from their cable or satellite provider?

Why don't you admit that SONY's PS3 movie store will ALSO BE COMPRESSED. But I bet I won't see either one of you saying that in the thread where Sony announces the date it will be available.

Why don't you admit that your only saying this to down play and trash a feature you won't get because your a one console owning brand worshiper?

Its easy to selectly trash something while ignoring that EVERY SINGLE provider is doing the same thing.

But I guess your stance is more features = bad thing

Edit @ 2.12

I'm not excited in the slightest. No need to calm down. Nice discussion thats all. My use of CAPS to emphasize words has nothing to do with anger or excitement. I just find it annoying when brand zealots conveniently leave out facts to spin and be negative about the console they foolishly see as the enemy. Being that I own and enjoy both consoles the only "defensive mode" for me is to defend against bias brand worshiping spin on either side.

Fair enough. When Sony announces the release date for their movie store I'll expect to see you comment on how its worthless compressed video and that you won't be using it. :)

OOG3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

oops wrong spot

thereapersson3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )


Jeez dude, calm down. I know I said something that didn't sound exactly positive towards the 360, but you don't have to go into defense mode about it.

edit: no hard feelings, dude. I own both a PS3 and a 360 and enjoy games on both consoles because that's the way it should be. If i'm a fanboy of any platform, it's the PC due to its extremely versatile nature. I think what it is, is the influx of fanboys going crazy around E3. This time of year always does nutty things to gamers on the net.

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blusoops3964d ago

so you have to have a GOLD subscription AND a netflix membership to take advantage of this? I'm confused.

Origin3964d ago

yes u have to have both memberships to get it

3964d ago
thenickel3964d ago

Maybe people want to stream it through there tv and don't want to watch it on pc. Also not everyone has a ps3 and not everyone wants everything for free. This is a huge idea regardless of how much you despise 360.

Superfragilistic3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

It's funny how some journalists are missing this, because it makes the exclusive agreement even more newsworthy.

Anyways if you don't believe me, just watch the tape! :)

@ 0:45 seconds

"So if you're an Xbox Live subscriber you can enjoy the Netflix library at NO additional cost"

Mr_Bun3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

If what you are saying is true, then that would totally justify $50/year subscription to XBL! I pay a hell of a lot more than that renting movies per year!

Drekken3964d ago

If netflix is free with gold, that is great news... but I dont see how it makes sense. If netflix is 8-10 a month + live... someone is losing money and it isnt the customer and that is weird coming from MS.

Proxy3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

"The service, set to launch in the fall with an initial selection of about 10,000 titles, will be available at no extra cost to Xbox Live Gold members who are also Netflix subscribers."

"Xbox Live subscribers that already have Netflix memberships can enjoy Netflix on their TV at no additional cost."

So to get Netflix on your XBox you'll be looking at about $110 per year.

Superfragilistic3964d ago

As I said earlier journalists have missed the thrust of the agreement.

Both your quotes are from blogs. Mine is from the Microsoft Press Conference from the horse's mouth (Microsoft's SVP Don Mattrick):

"So if you're an Xbox Live subscriber you can enjoy the Netflix library at NO additional cost"

OOG3964d ago

Super is right about this one I double and triple checked cuz I didnt believe it but they did say if you have a gold subscription you will have access to streaming these movies.....

I love how sony kids start saying that now u need netflix when u dont

Superfragilistic3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

The best explanation was in this article that I submitted a couple of days ago (before E3) about what this site thought they'd see at E3 and why. It's amazingly accurate btw, getting 8/10 on the conference alone and even picking the Square shocker in a seperate article!

Forgive the long transcript but the explanation is worth it:

"The rumours have been swirling for months, but more importantly there are significant commercial incentives for both parties to integrate the service as part of Xbox Live.

On the one hand Netflix would immediately benefit from immediate access to an established base of 12million members (and growing) who have demonstrated a voracious enthusiasm for online video content and transactions. It would also move Netflix from the PC and into the lounge room, which whilst currently doable requires technical expertise beyond mainstream consumers.

For Microsoft it would further expand its Xbox Live offerings and give it access to a similarly massive install base of Netflix subscribers. Microsoft would also expect that some Netflix subscribers may immediately find the 360 lounge-room focused hardware as a desirable alternative to their PCs, which in turn may drive more console sales on the basis of an increased perceived value (much like the Blu-ray affect on the PS3).

What is most enticing about this prospect, however, is that given the mutual benefits of such an alliance, there would be a significant possibility that subscribers on both ends would not have to pay for the other’s services. In essence after some price balancing, Gold Live subscriptions would be inclusive of Netflix’s services, whilst Netflix subscribers would receive Gold Live for free.

It’s a mouth watering proposition for business, gamers, and film lovers alike so we’d love to get confirmation and details at E3."

thenickel3964d ago

I think another cool aspect to this service is the fact that you can share movies with other 360 gold members. Ms is making some really big announcements which I'm sure will be followed by many more.

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Shortstop3964d ago

Hmmm, I'll counter it by walking 5 minutes to Blockbuster.

morganfell3964d ago

Blockbuster with whom they already have one deal.