Resistance to be patched

Those of you playing Resistance: Fall of Man online will be pleased to hear that Insomniac's working on a patch to spruce up a few things.

This from the developer's lead multiplayer programmer Eric Ellis, whose latest blog post (down at the moment?) offers some insight:

"I can't yet talk about all the things we've changed, but I really think that people will be very pleased to see how responsive this is to some concerns that have come out since we went live," he writes.

"We've addressed a few key balance issues and put a big focus on making it possible to more effectively use a variety of strategic and team-based tactics in the game. I'm very excited to see how people like the change when it releases. That should happen very soon, so stay tuned."

Resistance: Fall of Man is due out alongside the PlayStation 3 in Europe next March, although there's no word on whether that version will be patched up prior to release.

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DC RID3R4359d ago

ramp up the excitement levels for resistance!!!

but i just can't help but feel that the exclusion of rumble will be detriment to the overall immersive experience of ps3 games!!

ps3 could definately do with NEW ip's!!!!

apart from heavenly sword, resistance,and motorstorm, there's nothing as to new ip's that excite me!!!

the only game i can say i'm really looking forward to is god of war 3...............roll on 2009!

Captain Tuttle4359d ago

But I really haven't heard any complaints about the game. It sounds like the patch will be fairly significant. Can anyone who owns it think of what the problems could be?

WhEeLz4359d ago

theres nothing about it needs to be patched up...well wait...what i hate is when you spawn and you're in a middle of a fight and you get but that only happened once

Scythesean4359d ago

The respawn points suck when there are 30-40 players. You respawn on top of each other to often. I can't count the times I respawn and someone appears behind or infront of me.

Mr Murda4359d ago

This game needs more than a patch to make it cool.

Scythesean4359d ago

well that's you I have been playing since I bought it and it's sweet as hell. The online battles are the best and the gameplay is awesome.

JIN KAZAMA4359d ago

the game is great, the online exp. is awesome. Get over it.

zonetrooper54359d ago

I remember when one of the sony fanboys said "Patch up to Catch up", i think it was kingboy but i might be wrong. I do like the idea of patches as the PC has been reciving this for many years, so whats wrong with this game that needs to be patched?