Valve helped convince Carmack to take EA deal

John Carmack, co-founder of id Software, has said that before talking with EA Partners, he assumed the publisher was responsible for destroying small development studios.

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JoelR3962d ago

A kinder gentler borg
they now take you to a dinner and movie before ravaging you in bed.

JsonHenry3961d ago

I wanted to strangle someone when I saw the EA logo on the RAGE teaser trailer...

Statix3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

"[Carmack] assumed the publisher was responsible for destroying small development studios."

And he was completely correct in that assumption.

Baka-akaB3962d ago

Lol and carmack is right , it just wont destroy big entities such as valve , bioware , and ID ... but dont expect me to believe such BS for smaller ones ...

Just remember quite recently , Ea chicago ... already under the new management .

kingme713962d ago

As brilliant as Carmack is technically, I sometimes wonder about his business saavy and skills away from the keyboard. I'm not saying his assumptions about EA are wrong, but in general some of the decisions id makes (whether by Carmack or the company as a whole) tend to be either very innovative or very much a head scratcher.

Id had the gaming world by the short and curlies during its heydey but is no longer top dog.

Surfman3962d ago

Valve sucks. Thats it.

Shroomy3961d ago

Without Steam, PC gaming would really be in pieces.

Sure, Valve take bloody ages for a game to come out, but it's usually worth it.

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