A blast to the past – 10 all time PS classics to play on the PS4 & PSVita

Noah Hankinson has been looking at the PS back catalogue and writes "After a good deal of research, I have conducted a list of the top ten classic PlayStation games you should buy, rebuy, look for on ebay, and the list continues. Today, I am going to list in no particular order ten PlayStation Classics and recents, that are necessary for your PS4 and PS Vita."

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Gazondaily2275d ago

FFVII for sure. Can't believe I missed that.

Jason_Plays_PC2275d ago

You *missed* it? How does that even happen its FF7 :p

Gazondaily2275d ago

Being broke for so long that by the time I saved my pennies, FF8 was out. True story


ThunderPulse2274d ago

I never played it either.

slappy5082275d ago

Same here man. Any idea when this is going to be ported over on ps4?

SamPao2275d ago

Id get it on psvita. Looks better on the small screen :)
And standby is great

christian hour2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

They had that pointlessly big announcement for it at e3 last year, dont remember if a release date was given. Was annoying because they made it seem like they were announcing a remake. My heart nearly exploded, then withered and died.

I already bought ff7/8/9 on ps3, (and ps1 originally of course). I was kinda hoping I'd get them on ps4 through cross platform without having to rebuy them. Doesnt look like any of those ps1 classics I bought last gen are coming back to me unfortunately :(

The titles very misleading, it says ps1 classics you can play on your ps4 & Vita, but last I checked none of those games are available on ps4.

GameSpawn2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

It must have been a typo - PS4 is only mentioned once in the article. You can play them on PS3 and Vita, NOT the PS4.

The PS3 will run ALL PSOne Classics, the Vita however has limited compatibility with certain titles for some reason.

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro were listed in the article and I can personally vouch that they cannot be played on, downloaded to, or transferred from the PS3 to the Vita. I have Crash 1 ,2, & 3 and Spyro 1, 2, & 3. None of them will transfer to my Vita through any means.

Simco8762275d ago

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a PS1 game now? While I'll be!

Iceball20002275d ago

It says PS classics and recents... :-/

Iceball20002275d ago

And we need a GTA: SA Stories for PSV and why didn't he list The Getaway!!! I want a reboot of that game!

RJ920092275d ago

Wait how can you play ps1 games on your ps4 am I missing something?

gprime2275d ago

I also feel like I'm missing something here. From what I can tell, the ps4 can't play any previous generation games at the moment except through playstation now, and these games aren't on the list.

RJ920092275d ago

Right? And I got disagrees for asking a question? N4g at its best lol I would love to see why people disagree for a question oooh do tell

burek2274d ago

I think these games are only on ps3 and psv.

Spurg2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

I've played too many ps1 classics throughout the years. I have almost played all of the essential classics and im sure everyone played the listed games.

If they want to bring life to the vita they need to allow us to play ps2 games. Would love to play kingdom hearts, tales games, FF 12, dragon quest 8, shin megami tensei games and other jrpg classics.

It an absolute shame Sony doesn't allow the library of ps2 games on psvita...ps1 games are too old for new audiences to appreciate...ps2 games on the other hand can encourage people to buy.

Spurg2275d ago

never played 3 but 4 is one my all time favorite game on ps1. They are kind of similar gaemplay wise.

Great story you play as two characters
Turned based gameplay similar to FFx where you can replace member anytime.
Great mini games
Amazing soundtrack

thepatientgamer2273d ago

Thanks! Good to know seeing as how I hopped on that one immediately during the last Playstation Flash Sale! Under one dollar? Immediate purchase.

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