Microsoft Knows When Xbox 360 Will Hit $199

Microsoft has figured out when Xbox 360 will hit $199. They have it written down.

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truth for gamers3965d ago

the ps2 is still $99 ???!!!
what a ripoff

mikeslemonade3965d ago

Nope, the PS2 has a $129.99 msrp. A rip off is an Arcade unit for $200. Your going to be paying a lot more accessories and then the $50 for online multiplayer.

OOG3965d ago

thats peoples choice if they want to be cheap

Truplaya3965d ago

I see your point, but there is a place for the arcade console. if not MS would have got rid of it. I would have thought a cheaper PS3 with no Wifi, card slots, BC, and a wired pad in the box would sell pretty well.

kewlkat0073965d ago

You can either be CHEAP and buy the cheapest version but WHY would you? If you already know you'll have to upgrade to a HDD and a couple of others things yourself.

Save a little more money and get the complete package that gets you started with XBL/HDD..etc, if you plan on using these functions. I know some people with XBL that don't care about Online gaming. Hey at least you have the choice. Without these SKU choices not many would have been able to afford these consoles so early.(That's whole whole reasoning behind these SKU's)

Though I have alway said MS charges up the @ss for buy the Xbox console that best fits your needs currently. The first to $200 with big games will sell Hawt.

truth for gamers3964d ago

@ mikeslemonade

$129 for a ps2? that's even worse.
even though the arcade 360 has no harddrive it's still next gen and worth the price.Yes the ps2 has a hardrive (actually does it still do?) but nobody actually uses it to play online.

The ps2 price should be $74.99 at the most.

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PimpHandHappy3965d ago

because thats about what the piece of sh!t is worth

if they told us they will cut the price to 200bucks in June of 2009 you can bet sales would STOP

btw this is stupid

I have a number written down also

is this not a blog? says blog?

im not giving the hit

buckethead_X3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

That was a little redundant and fanboyish. They will sell better if the price drops, no matter what the quality of the system is. Also, are you banished to the open zone? It doesn't matter anyway, because there's no difference between them now :P

How did my comment get above The Mikester's? Also, I just wanted to say something. Yes, The Mikester, HOME will pwn more than it's getting credit for (^-^)--b

Montrealien3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Everything MS does is in reaction to Sony's Ultimate Power and domination of the industry and thew world as a whole as a whole?? lol It is so simple to you guys it is sad sometimes.

fanboys and their one track brand whore minds, you enjoy you linear world of one console to rule them all, I'll enjoy my world where I actually acknowledge the fact that it is possible to have a few thriving consoles with a sh*t load of great games across all platforms...I win! Gamers win! Fanboys usual.

edit: How did that happen? I'm stuck between two 10+ hours comments, weird.

Filanime033965d ago

ha they already written down the next company they will buy or pay large cash of amount in order to have exclusive content on them. They also wrote down that the next 360 will be on 2010.

karlostomy3965d ago

It will be game over for the ps3.

Dark vader3965d ago

no! how you figure? when the xbox reaches 200 mark the ps3 wont be to far behind it, maybe 250. When the ps3 hits 250 it will be over for the xbox, 250 for a blueray player and a game system is going to be insane.

The Mikester3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

You know they're dropping the price b/c PS3 if totally dominating them in sales right. And you think that if they drop the price they're going to sell more?! I don't think so. You'd think that if they were to cut the price down to $199 that they would sell more but i highly doubt they will b/c of how good the PS3 is getting. And the PS3 has sold so much and the Xbox is losing sales. 54 games have been confirmed and only 1 good will be coming out for the 360 and that's FF13. Not only that but the PS3 is also coming out with FF13. And once HOME comes out the 360 will be done, finshed, out of the race, and Sony will win.

jojo3193965d ago

I WISH I could get a BR player for $250. However i just don't see it dropping as quickly as the 360 is able to. The 360 is FAR cheaper to manufacturer. I realize that initially console makers lose money. but I just don't see the PS3 production costs dropping fast enough to catch up with the price drops of the 360. I could be wrong though. It all depends on the rest of the BR market and how fast people adopt. A lot of people (mostly older folks) still don't even know what a BR player IS.

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