Konami reveal new Rock Revolution details

New details regarding Konami's Rock Revolution have been released. Rock Revolution is set to release with more than 40 tracks which will work similarly to current 'rhythm action' games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Players can compete online and offline using one of 15 avatars or work together in co-operative modes and band competitions with up to four players.

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wolfehound223960d ago

Wow only 40 tracks this definitely fails in my book. Rock band and Guitar Hero will have at least double that. So not good news for rock revolution.

BananaSlug3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

RR should be backwards compatible with all of their other franchises

40 tracks is a joke. I am sure many songs people would want are made exclusive to RB and GH (so the other doesnt have it), so there is no way RR will get them.

N4G883959d ago

This to me seems like a bad idea to me. These games seems to be losing there novelty to me. I mean Guitar Hero 3? Rock Band 2? I've never played them but they seem like the same game over again (with a few extra modes probably). That being said I'm sure these games are huge in Japan and the rest of Asia. Plus one with a Konami badge on it will most definitely be picked up. However, I really doubt it will take of in the States