Without Zelda, What’s Left for the Wii U This Year?

With the next-generation of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One already upon us, Nintendo's console has been floundering to stay at all relevant. The Wii U is often left out from multi-platform releases and finds its only saving graces in old, well-established franchises of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. fare.

With the delay of the next Zelda game for Wii U confirmed, the console doesn't have much to get excited for in the next year. Even so there are a couple of exclusives still worth looking out for. This article picks out the few big releases coming this year.

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WizzroSupreme2209d ago

They could have an Animal Crossing.

Highlife2209d ago

They should start selling official Nintendo one of these

I kid I kid but seriously yeah.

And animal crossing is terrible.

bouzebbal2208d ago

zelda or not Wii U is cursed, right?
seriously, trolls will always be there no matter what. Wi U is hated no matter what comes on it

Prime1572208d ago

Abzdiine, I concur. Like Wonderful 101 as an example.

Also, isn't there a problem with this article because Zelda was delayed until 2016?

Oh, that's right, I chose not to click on this click bait article... this year...

AngelicIceDiamond2209d ago

Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World, Mario Maker, Star Fox, Kirby's And The Rainbow Curse etc.

Not sure what the authors goin on about.

LOL_WUT2209d ago

Kirby already released and Mario Maker will most likely be an eshop title which doesn't count. And how come everyone keeps on forgetting about Devils Third? ;)

Nitrowolf22208d ago

so because it's a digital game it doesn't count now? Really?

Zodiac2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

I am also excited for Yoshi's Wooly World, Devil's Third, and Mario Maker, in addition to what was listed in the article.

I'm also hoping for new info on SMT X FE. Hopefully we get a new trailer and a 2015 release date.

I would also like to find out any updates on a possible Dragon Quest 10 localization.

However, the fact that Zelda won't even be shown at E3 really bothers me.

Starbucks_Fan2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

I'm annoyed we can't get at least a 30 second trailer or something like that for Zelda at E3... ugh

3-4-52209d ago

You will get more than that in a Nintendo Direct though.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2208d ago

"I'm also hoping for new info on SMT X FE. Hopefully we get a new trailer and a 2015 release date.

I would also like to find out any updates on a possible Dragon Quest 10 localization."

SMT X FE there should be something to show by now.
DQ 10? Why is this not HERE? I don't think many of the Japanese creators/publishers understand that the Western and Eastern markets have more convergence than before.

ps4gamer19832209d ago

Should have not omitted voice chat. But i'm sure there will be no shortage of excuses from fans for this blunder.

DragoonPoon2209d ago

Strawman. Anyways, it comes as absolutely no surprise that they left out voice chat. They always leave out voice chat or limit it to friends only. This is because they fear a PR backlash from parents claiming "my kids were harassed while playing a Nintendo game."

Is this an excuse from me? No. I wish Nintendo would realize that they're going to get bad PR no matter what they do, and take a modern approach to online functionality. However, I can't fathom why you went out of your way to mention a specific missing feature to someone who merely expressed excitement for a Nintendo game, Mr. PS4gamer.

higgins782209d ago

This is Nintendo, NOT Sony or Microsoft. Hardly a "blunder" since it was never an option. Voice chat (in my experience) is little more than muddled, with the occasional adolescent cursing thrown in for good measure. Here's an idea, ignore everything positive about Splatoon - or indeed ANY Nintendo exclusive, instead focus on the one thing you can unreasonably troll.

DonkeyDoner2209d ago

only xenoblade and splatoon
yay collect more dust for wiiu owner

The 10th Rider2208d ago

Devil's Third, Star Fox, Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolly World...And some seemingly smaller titles like Project Treasure, and Project Giant Robot or Project Guard (whatever those end up being.) Plus I'm sure there will be at least one game announce at E3.

DonkeyDoner2208d ago

star fox no release date yet,devil third is a gonna flop, and rest is mobile games
so only 1 games worth for wiiu this year, its xenoblade x
what a pathetic console
no third party first party keep delaying

The 10th Rider2208d ago

"so only 1 games worth for wiiu this year"

Says the guy that just listed two in his comment I originally replied to...

Gamer7772209d ago

They have Star Fox, Splatoon and Xenoblade this year (not including unannounced 2015 titles). I still think the Wii U can do better with an expanded virtual console, a few high value bundles and better marketing.

deadpoolio3162209d ago

Wii you people for the love of god STOP trying to claim Starfox...Nintendo has NEVER said that it was coming out anywhere close to 2015.....Its probably going to get cancelled with Zelda and moved to the NX in 2016

GamingSinceThe80s2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

No your wrong,they said Star Fox would be out before Zelda U this year at the Game awards,it could still get delayed,but it was said it was coming in 2015 Plus it is a less demanding game than Zelda so I beleave it will make it out this year.Watch the last the vidio of them showing off ZU if you don't beleave me.

swice2208d ago

Don't get mad at us when we know the facts.

Make sure you have ALL of your info before you make empty claims

DragoonPoon2209d ago

That's funny deadpoolio, why don't you STOP trying to claim the NX is being released in 2016?

We know nothing about it other than it's dedicated gaming hardware and that we'll be given more information about it next year.

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