First Chrono Trigger screenshots

Square Enix published the first batch of Chrno Trigger screenshots. Check them out.

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SUP3R3964d ago

Just can't help but feel disappointed about this.
I wanted Chrono Trigger to return in a blaze of next-gen glory.

Luca Blight3964d ago

I don't believe in updating 2D handdrawn (style) classics to 3D. Part of the greatness of the old games was found in their art style and the fact that they left a lot up to the user's imagination.

Now updating old 3D games (Wild Arms, FF7) into better looking 3D games, I am all for.

Tony240ZT3964d ago

I like the redone style of bionic comando though. Which is 3d that nearly looks hand drawn.

kewlkat0073964d ago

I can't wait to play this again...

I know many want remakes but maybe SE wants to work on new games. Re-releases are not that expensive.

TheROsingleB3964d ago

Health/Magic bars under characters, which probably means either a map or constant status(or both) is on one of the screens and gameplay on the other. Leads me to beleive that the menu system will be changed, as well as how attacks and magic will be dealt with instead of the normal battle menu from the original.

jkoz3964d ago

These are... old screens. Saw them the other week.

dachiefsman3964d ago

I am disappointed. I throughly enjoyed the first, but I thought it was going to be some graphical makeover like FF3 on the DS. If the developers aren't bringing anything else in the package, I will just have to pass on it.

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