The Wii U Isn't Dead and Zelda Ain't for Nintendo NX - Nintendo Rants

Shawn Long is back with another episode of Nintendo Rants. This time, he turns his focus onto the small minority of people who feel that the Wii U is now dead because of the Zelda delay, and that the game will end up on the NX instead.

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-Foxtrot2208d ago

It will come to the NX, it will be just like Twilight Princess coming to the Wii U and the NX.

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NecotheSergal2208d ago

When Nintendo fans are angry, their opinions are always right and everyone else is wrong. You can't change this, it trumps even the stubbornness of all other fanboys. You have to just let them have their little rant or victory dance as if they're Milhouse.

Nintendo fanboys are mostly docile but once riled up, they really don't shutup and it's difficult to communicate with them.

Sincere01212208d ago

Replace Nintendo fanboys with Sony Fanboys and you'll have a point, the worst type of fanboys. No one beats the stupidity, dellusions and insecurities of a Sony fanboy.

NecotheSergal2208d ago

@Sincere0121 - 'The Worst' - is subjective on personal experiences and what your preferences subject you to deal with on opposition since I'm sure you're not a Neutral player who simply observes situations play out.

For me for instance, worst goes to PC fanboys, yet last generation I'd say Xbox fanboys, my recollection of toxicity during PS2/Gamecube/ClassicXbox is a bit more vague and I'd not be able to say who was worse, since back then, everything didn't feel as toxic. The toxicity of fanboys and fanwars w/ consoles in my mind has only escalated ever since last-gen.

Sony fanboys to me can be cocky or arrogant and loud, though I've not seen them stoop to Xbox 360-dominant-early-last-gen type of problematic. PC Fanboys though are quite rampant with the growth of 'PC Master Race' type of hyperbole superiority complexities.

As for your latter-part of your post. How does a PS4 fanboy have 'delusions and insecurities' specifically? 'Stupidity' is something that can ambiguously be given to All fanboys, not one fanboy is dumber than the other. I though don't understand your way of perceiving PS4 fanboys as deluded and insecure, it seems contradicting or like an oxymoron.

Realplaya2208d ago

You don't own a Wii U or prob never bought any other Nintendo product. But you have you have the audacity to talk about Nintendo consumers. You should just go back to playing whatever platform you game on and shut it.

mydyingparadiselost2208d ago

That's like saying all Catholic priests touch kids, you're using some pretty broad strokes there in your opinions of Nintendo fans...

OT: I think Zelda will be available for NX at/near launch IF NX is actually a home console, but I think it will be more like TLOU in that it will release on Wii U and then later in a remastered edition around the NX launch, which will probably be about a year and a half after the official announcement of the console.

NecotheSergal2208d ago

@Realplaya - The presumptuous and defensive behaviours are strong with this one.

Well for starters, I was born in 1988, I was basically raised on NES and older computers like the Amiga and Commodore 64. I'm not some wee little kid like I would presume you to be, because I'd not think anyone in their 20's and above would randomly assume that someone they're attacking never has owned a Nintendo console when the reality was anyone 20-30+ who was a gamer, it was Nintendos glory days, there was no such thing as a 'gamer who didn't play on Nintendo' before the Division of Sony entering the race and Microsoft. Thus, your petty, insecure, blank-slated and narrow-minded assumption of me 'never having owned a Nintendo console' is very hilarious, if believing that makes you sleep better at night, go ahead.

Me and my family, my sister, brother, and father played Mario Kart 64 for ENDLESS hours and one of my more classic and cherished of games belong on the SNES like SMRPG and Super Metroid. Nintendo has so far in my mind been dropping the ball ever since Wii came out, although our family owned a Wii, I did not care about Nintendos relaxed attitude as they begun slipping away from understanding what their fanbase wanted, it didn't matter, they were printing money and didn't need to in my mind. Wii U is a slap in their face just as PS3 was for Sony, where if Nintendo doesn't get their act together, it will spell more trouble with the money they had stockpiled by the Wii's success. Sony became arrogant with PS2's success that they needed to step back or else trouble would brew, they instead realized their mistakes and stepped it up a notch. Wii is the same result, Nintendo becoming arrogant and losing touch with their fanbase, except Wii U wasn't a result of them trying to get back in touch, it was a Cash-in on the success of Wii, if this were a lie, they'd not have made the business decision of naming it Wii U, they only did this so that casual soccer moms and Non-gamers would be able to effortlessly associate that it is connected to 'Wii' somehow, it backfired on them, because they tried to continue the streak of Wii's success and failed, they tried to garner to the casual market that loved the Wii and failed, and they also tried to garner back support of their hardcore fanbase and are Slightly successful, not a fail in my books - but they still lost face of who they were and for that, I do not respect Nintendo and choose not to support them with my money until they get back up on their horse. Nintendos' last great console was Gamecube to me.

You are one-dimensional, I am multi-dimentional. We will not understand one-another.

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Metallox2208d ago

We'll see, but for now, we don't know absolutely nothing about the NX.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2208d ago

I kinda agree, I don't think it will come to the Wii U at all, only NX.

Sure, this guy has some valid points but that's the very positive way to understand the blurred announcements by Big N.

It doesn't make sense business wise to keep the Wii U alive and develop new massive games for it. They should focus on what I think the NX is, a new home console.

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Blueraven3162208d ago

The wiiu is pretty much dead man

Rockstar2208d ago

I hope that's not true.
IMO this hardware has some real potential and it's the first ninty console since the N64 that had me feeling that old Nintendo magic.

I guess we'll see how it plays out but it would be a real shame for this console to be dead so early.

Blueraven3162208d ago

It's decent but until they learn that 3rd party support is key. They'll continue like this. Their consoles have been going down in sales. The wii we can all agree had fluky success and died out. Nintendo has great 1st party and with good 3rd party support they'd do great

OmegaShen2208d ago

Going into mobile gaming and a system, an you still think Wii U isn't dead? It isn't even close to PS4/Xbox One sales and it has been out longer, so yeah it's dead as a door nail.

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