Why Are There No Good New Games for My Wii U?

Vice: The PlayStation 4 will inherit the Earth. Or, according to analysts, continue to dominate console gaming until we all lose our teeth, confirm the existence of life on Mars, or the next wave of interactive entertainment comes along. Whatever happens first. (Mars, I reckon.)

The faster seller when the two heavyweights of the contemporary console market, Sony and Microsoft, released their current-gen machines to the market within days of each other in November 2013, the PS4 already has over 18.5 million units out there in the wild. In comparison, the last time any Xbox One figures went public, they were lagging behind on 10 million. That's some ground to make up in 2015—but if a recent report by Connected Home Devices is to be received as gospel, Microsoft might as well concede defeat and crack on with fixing The Master Chief Collection. (It's alright, they've cracked it, now.)

Come 2019, the PS4 is predicted to have a user base of 80 million players, with the Xbox One rising to 57 million. Such a projection puts the PS4 on a sales course comparable with that of its two-generations-back ancestor, the PS2, which sold 155 million units, making it the most successful console of all time. Big numbers, tidy profits, even when you're running a distant second. But what does this mean for those of us who spent our money on a Wii U?

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marloc_x2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

The console has a great catalog,(the author mentions wanting Kirby

Dolphin? Project Reality? Café?

"NX" is NOT the early demise of the Wii U..HaHa!

E3 will be VERY interesting this year..

eaise2208d ago

There are tons of good games for the Wii U. If you don't like any of the game's currently out (or already announced) then you should've known not to buy a Wii U.
Personally I play mine every day

pivotplease2208d ago

Agreed it's a great system. It is also nice having BC. I've been playing Twilight Princess lately and it's a decent entry in the Zelda franchise. Definitely no OoT, MM, or WW, but still pretty great.

Locknuts2208d ago

Because Nintendo gave up caring. I really like my Wii U but it's pretty obvious they don't want to invest serious time or money in the console anymore.

darkstar182208d ago

Exactly what makes tis obvious again?

wonderfulmonkeyman2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

You've got that ass-backwards, mate.
It's the third parties that ran away when their cheaply-done multiplat ports weren't high enough in quality to move their own sales, much less the Wii U's, that stopped caring.
Nintendo is still making games for it, and so are indies and a select few smaller third parties who know how to dev games for the system the right way.
People need to quit acting like multiplats are what matter most to the Wii U's success chances. It's seriously idiotic to think that way at this point when ports of games that easily fit on last-gen consoles arrived with a boat-load of issues, from basic modes missing to DLC That was crucial to replay value not even being presented as an option when it easily could have been there.

Spotie2208d ago

What is it with you and absolving Nintendo of ALL blame for the condition of their third party support?

Was it not their decision to develop yet another mandatory yet unconventional controller that would require greater than "average"- that is, among the potential platforms a multiplat could release on- difficulty in developing for?

Was it not their decision to offer not quite the power jump that was expected for the next generation of consoles at the time?

Did they not alienate third parties as far back as the SNES with policies that favored their own first party titles?

Did they provide support to help developers get the best out of their hardware setup, which is, by all accounts, the least developer friendly of the three?

Developers certainly could have done better in many cases, but you act as if they just suddenly and without reasons decided to shaft Nintendo with every title.

Multiplats aren't what matter most to any console's success chances, but they sure as hell don't hurt. As it stands, the Wii U will be an "also ran" this generation, and the lack of multplatform titles will definitely play a part in that. Both the third party developers and Nintendo themselves share that blame.

So, too, do Nintendo fans. After all, had third party games seen better sales, perhaps those devs wouldn't have seen producing titles for the Wii U as such a lost cause. But even when the third party titles- exclusive or otherwise- ARE developed, Nintendo fans seem to have eyes only for Nintendo games. Do some of the smaller third parties see moderate success? Sure, but that's not enough to sustain the larger ones.

And between Nintendo's apparent attitude about their games, and the attitude of Nintendo gamers like yourself, why the hell would they even bother to take the risk?

wonderfulmonkeyman2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )


#1 The controller isn't as hard to develop with as you are making it out to be. We've got indies, with far less resources and power, making better use of it than some of these bigger third parties do, and the benefits it brings to gameplay potential should be all the incentive devs need to try doing something cool with it.
It shouldn't be an excuse to get lazy or not develop at all.

#2 Third parties voiced no complaints, at the time, about making games for last-gen systems, while hypocritically blaming the Wii U's lack of power for not developing games for it.
And while they complained and refused to try and get better at deving on the system, Nintendo and others were making truly great games on the system, proving that the potential to make incredible-looking, must-have games was there if third parties honestly tried to work with what the system had, instead of complaining about its graphics capabilities not being realistic enough for them to continue relying on ports of their existing franchises.
Which did not form their fanbase on Wii U and needed something more than just graphics to sell.
Which third parties did not provide, and instead resorted to REMOVING CONTENT TO SAVE CASH instead.

#3 Issues from that long ago in the past, isn't a good excuse for present actions on the part of third parties.
Yes, Nintendo was spartan way back in the day, and it was wrong of them, but using grudges from that long back as an excuse to screw over people in the here and now does not make any BUSINESS SENSE.
It limits their efforts, and by direct extension limits their profit potential, on the system, when they use old grudges as an excuse to avoid it.

#4 Please don't put blame on fans for the sales of third party multiplats on Wii U.
It's unfair to blame them for not purchasing third party ports on Wii U, like CoD Ghosts, when they were purposefully made with so much missing from them that even their own established fanbases did not want a Wii U for them.

Third parties are directly responsible for the content within their games and the manner in which they are presented to a system's fanbase.
If no one wants those games, that's because those versions did not have content capable of being system movers.
The fact that there are games that can see success, like Monster Hunter and Bayonetta, should be all the evidence needed to try doing better.

The bottom line is that no one BUT third parties can change the fortunes of third parties.
Heck, even non-Nintendo fans look at Nintendo's games first when discussing the Wii U.
Laying all the blame for that on Nintendo, when it's not Nintendo forcing third parties to rely on bad ports that have no shot at moving themselves let alone Wii U units, is just wrong.

The reason they should take the risk, is because they've already eliminated what doesn't work, and should now know what has the best chance of seeing significant returns.
That, and because, if they don't do something in the here and now to restore trust, they won't be able to sell their games on the NX, either.
No one's gonna pre-order Call of Duty on NX, no matter how powerful it is, if they look at Ghosts on Wii U and don't trust the devs to make the game worth getting.
Crap ports won't see any returns.
If they don't want to do good ports with new content or origional exclusives with higher sales potential than ports of games being expected elsewhere, then they should stop complaining.

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Wonderful1012208d ago

And here I am, with a gigantic backlog of good games on my Wii U.

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