Half-Life 2: Update vs. Cinematic Mod 2013 vs. Original - Video Comparison

Enjoy a video comparison between Half Life 2: Update, Cinematic Mod 2013, and the original version of Valve's shooter

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paddy951303d ago

Looks amazing! I hope this comes to ps4. It has the best visuals I've ever seen :O

Halo2ODST21303d ago

So... Mods should come to consoles, imagine playing halo custome edition where you can pilot longswords, dropping nukes or drive scarabs to crush the enemy on 360 or X1

GamerXGATT1303d ago

It is clear to me that the CM2013 looks better. More terrain details, different models, and some better lighting. I would pick CM2013 over "Update" if I ever felt like playing HL2.

TheLeapist1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I don't know why people are so bent on comparing the two. They serve completely different purposes. Update was about just updating the lighting/shadows and a few little other details while still remaining 100% faithful to the original design and intent. While cinematic is about revamping the whole game to make it feel almost like a completely new experience. Both have their merits and both do a great job at what they set out to do.

maybelovehate1303d ago

I will always remember the first time I got that Gravity Gun!! One of the greatest experiences in gaming history. Awesome, awesome game regardless of the different graphic modes : )

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SoulMisaki1303d ago

It's a shame that CM2013 has those hideously oversexualized Alyx character models that don't fit her at all. They completely changed how she looks, and don't even offer an original CM2013 updated original model, just their pornstar models.

It's a shame, because otherwise, it's a great update.

Braid1303d ago

The CM13 mod that I tried out had a character selection option, with characters re-modelled faithfully to the original models, looking much better. Take this into consideration if any of you want to check it out again.

Th3o1303d ago

You do realize that basically EVERY dude in video game history is technically over sexualized right?

I mean They are all ripped have tight clothes that show off their cuts or are pretty boys....

No one complains about that.

On a side not you can still use the original Alyx if you wanted to even in CM 2013

SoulMisaki1301d ago

Oversexualization is completely different from creating a power fantasy. Neither of them are a contest either.

Sexualization being equal on both sides would mean those same men not wearing any tops or having crotch buldges. (Very similarly to how women in games expose their legs or cleavage much more than in real life)

In the same way, creating a power fantasy for a woman would happen much the same way as it does for males, with her being smarter, faster, stronger than everyone else in the game. (Like what happens with existing power fantasies for males.)

I'm not saying being sexually appealing always degrades a character, in many examples it helps. But when you change a character that was strong and great in her own right and change the design completely - not to make her more capable or powerful, but to add larger breasts, eyes, lips, and ass - then you're doing something very wrong.

It's just not a power fantasy in the same way a man having superman abs is. It's molded to please male gamers, and that's not power at all.

Th3o1301d ago

But seeing how women have different turn ons and turn offs than men, and sexualization is a preference and not a set scale, it really cannot be compared.

I find that the upgrade was a humorous upgrade that clearly catered to men, but I never thought it ruined anything...I mean it is a mod after all.

And no when it comes to over sexualization and power fantasy, between men and women the line is very blurred.

Men find women sexy in physical form usually while women in power/ability. I mean not to be that guy, but I see much more ugly guys with money + hot women than vice versa.

So really the line is very blurred about what is over sexualization, you are thinking like a guy.

I think the best solution in general for women to prove that sexualization is something beneath them by creating their own games since they are fully capable to do so.

I don't see why we don't see more women in the gaming community creating the games they envision, instead we see them trying to tear down the current gaming era by force and not by actually proving a point.