Rockman 9 Official Website now live

The Mega Man Network writes: "Capcom of Japan's Rockman 9 website went live last night, with tons of new and old information streamlined from the older sites they had.

The site features three sections: Rockman 9 details, merchandise, and a complete listing of all Rockman games released in Japan!"

The website has launched on the same day as Capcom's E3 appearance.

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ChickeyCantor3964d ago

Its only talking about Wii...

PS360WII3964d ago

I know right? How often are we going to have to hear it's Wii only, no it's on all consoles, wait no just Wii again, hang on a sec I think they said all consoles, no no just Wii.... ><

ChickeyCantor3964d ago

Who the hell disagreed >_< search the website no sign of any other console then wii.

Product3964d ago

Wii wont get an exclusive anymore.....look at Sony and the Final Fantasy franchise.

nirwanda3964d ago

all the first party nity stuff coupled with the unique control where dev's have to make exclusives for it to have a chance of selling at all

nirwanda3964d ago

and they have gone for nes style graphics WTF

m91058263964d ago

lol that was revealed like a month ago. I think it's awesome.

Nitrowolf23964d ago

dude obviosely they could have gotten better graphics for this game
but i like that its in the NES graphics, it pretty cool that there going back. Its like a lost game or something

Product3964d ago

You notice that it says megaman 1 and 2 for the virtual console.

ChickeyCantor3964d ago

Yes it talks about Wiiware but i didnt see a word or logo of the other 2 systems.

Does capcom even know what they are doing =/?