Bioshock Infinite Fan Sequel – Acknowledged By Ken Levine

Possible fanmade sequel to Bioshock Infinite tweeted out by Ken Levine

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DarkOcelet1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I know this is not real. But i want to get back to Bioshock. The world has so much potential. Elizabeth and Booker were amazing.

I just played Bioshock 1 last week. Aside from the graphics, that game hasnt aged a day. Its excellent and dat awesome Camera. If they make Bioshock 4, that camera is a must.

Vegamyster1301d ago

If a new one is made i hope they go back to the roots of the first game and focus on improving from there, i found Infinite's gameplay incredibly striped down compared to the first game.

Crimzon1301d ago

I found Infinite's gameplay incredibly stripped down compared to all those gameplay trailers they showed before launch.

I was really excited for that game after they showed those huge areas and the dynamic gameplay with enemies calling in airships for support and the skyhooks getting pretty complex with how they twisted round the large environments.

The final game, though? It was just linear corridors and small little combat arenas. None of the things shown in the 10/15 minute gameplay demos made it into the final game. Huge disappointment. All that great gameplay gone and a much heavier focus on the story? Huge waste.

joab7771301d ago

Exactly. The camera and save anywhere function were big losses in Infinite.

Gwiz1301d ago

Didn't he close the studio down?

Hoffmann1301d ago

Yup. 2K has the full rights I think

G20WLY1301d ago

Great that Ken acknowledged this - did he also acknowledge the Vita game he promised, after being so impressed by the system? I wonder how he'll make good on that now..?

F0XHOUND1301d ago

He acknowledged this because he's essentially an artist of the highest level in his field of work and appreciates work like this be it fan made or guys working with him.... its why the games he's involved in are so immersive in terms of atmosphere and character :)

Can't wait for a current gen title from him!

Hold_It1301d ago

Hopefully he goes back to making games like System Shock. It's funny how so many people praise Bioshock, but refuse to play System Shock because of a poor excuse such as "dated graphics" or don't even know of the game.