Exclusive video-interview & ingame footage Prince of Persia

Check out ingame footage of PoP and an exclusive interview with the producer of Prince of Persia, Ben Mattes.

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gamesR4fun4886d ago (Edited 4886d ago )

wow looks like its gonna flop big imo

graphics arnt all that n what no multiple enemies? Its about acrobatic flow not open world because we wanted to give players mavro control wth sounds like a wash to me.

SUP3R4886d ago

Looks like classic POP to me and I'm all for the new art style. As long as the familiar game mechanics are still there, with some minor tweaks, it's a must buy for me.

Relcom4886d ago

Yeah i think it looks awesome

vasilisk4886d ago

It looks amazing and I love the new art style

Baba19064886d ago

that looks amazing 0o i am really really looking forwards to this game now 0o. wow

ice_prophecy4886d ago

I must say, he seems like an impressive PR. I'd change his appearance somewhat hahaha.

Raf1k14886d ago

i like the new art style and think the duels instead of masses of enemies could work pretty well but i was expecting it to look more impressive that it does in this vid.