Epic Confirms Gears of War 2 Limited to 2-Player Co-op

Senior Producer Rod Ferguesson confided that the decision was made to limit the campaign to two players in order to maintain the pace and flow of the narrative experience. More info inside.

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belal4448d ago



Omega44448d ago

the only limited thing is the PS3's exclusives (FFXIII...)

and since they choose not to do it proves its not because of hardware, sicne if the most visully impressive console game is on the 360, FF13, just proves that the 360 is just as powerful if not more so than the PS3

mikeslemonade4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

The Unreal 3 engine is obsolete it's time to move on! I'm tired of the bodybuilder size characters and small confined corridors.

Omega why would a Japanese developer choose the 360. Of course they were offered like $100 million+ for FFXIII alone. If you don't believe then you lack serious common sense.

Babylonian4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

Hate to burst your bubble, but the FFXIII trailer you saw at Microsofts conference was NOT of the xbox 360 build. It was the of the PS3 build, the 360 isn't even being made at this moment.

As for the 360, we don't even know how it will look like. Hell, even Square doesn't know how they will do it, they don't even know how many discs it will come out on the 360. Man, how POWERFULL is that.

So yes, as belal said: Limited, your 360 is limited.

At least we are guaranteed the PS3 version will work great as the title is being designed for this hardware.

And about Gears, the man himself said they made the decision "to maintain the pace and flow of the narrative experience". That means that they were limited to this because the whole game probably became unstable if they ad more co-op players.

So contrary to what you said, that means it is because of hardware limitation. Why? Because the PS3 is able to have 8 player online co-op. Now please tell me, is that POWERFULL enough for ya?

theKiller4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

i feel really sorry for 360 owners, they get the worst console and they think its the best because of mortal combat like characters shooting guns!

the bots r already talking about gear of war 3, it means they even dont see gear of war 2 that much good of a game but they will still buy it because they have no other games LOL

TheBatman_Fanatic4448d ago

The 360 is weak compared to PS3 but im not really worried about Xiii going to 360 I want to see how it would look on 360 (500 disc game lol)

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Probably is down to hardware limitations at the end of the day though.

Would love to see a 4 player coop on Gears3 on new xbox - aslong as the campaign feels right with this amount.

People seem to think that more players online in a game = more fun.

Frequently more players = more chaos = less fun.

FreeMonk4448d ago

it would of been nice for a 3 or 4 player Co-op, but as Mark Rein has stated, it would of become a mess.

At least they have put the debate to rest that the X360 couldn't handle a 4 player co-op by putting a 5 player Co-op mode which is called 'Heist'.

With 5 players and the whole hoardes of Locost's, this proves that a 4 player Co-op wouldn't of been much of a problem, especially seeing as Heist will more than likely deal with more enemies that the Single Player would at any given time!

I'm sure there will be Sony fanboys that will dis-agree and argue the fact. Oh well, that's life I guess!

ER1X4448d ago

I thought the new mode was called "Horde."

Not disagreeing with your comment, but, it's only a game mode and not the whole campaign. We'll have to wait for more info before jumping to conclusions. :)

Also, didn't Halo 3 have 4 player co-op?

masterg4448d ago

I love how developers always say they decided not to do something.
Nobody is honest and say, the game simply couldn't handle it.

And then wham, Gears 3 and suddenly we have 4 player co-op.

The game is going to rock though.

Fishy Fingers4448d ago

Horde, is correct, and very fun it sounds.

Truplaya4448d ago

yes Halo3 did have 4 player co-op but as he said it caused people to miss bits of the game as one guy gets ahead and finishes battles before you get there, then you end up getting teleported to checkpoints. At least with 2player you both go through the game together. They'll be those bits where you split up again i hope, and one has to cover the other as he completes a task.

mikeslemonade4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

Talk about over promising and failing to deliver. It was first Ninja Gaiden with the 60 frames second that was false. Then Too Human 4 player coop false again. Now Gears 4 player coop dumbed down to 2.

outlawlife4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

when were any of those things "promised"? to my knowledge this is the first time they even elaborated on the gears 2 co-op campaign

everytime cliff was asked before he said "we aren't revealing anything at this time"

internet rumors aren't "promises" for anything

ChampIDC4448d ago

Yeah, they never promised 4 player campaign. All they ever said is 4 player co-op, which is now 5. That's an imrpovement in my eyes. Yeah, everyone wants 4 player campaign, but I do think that would make the campaign all too easy.

Also, a lot of the story probably involves just Marcus and Dom again, so what would they do, throw in 2 random soldiers that don't even fit in the story? I think it'll be better off this way.

Choonqpead4448d ago

First off, for anyone who played halo 3 knows if you have a good team of friends even the hardest difficulties aren't that hard anymore and that is in a game with wide open battles. Most of the time a player or two won't even get many kills because someone else will take them.

Now in games like R2 where they will most likely throw creature after creature at you it won't be such a big deal, but I'm not really into games like that. I'm excited about just having 2 players because that gives you that intamcy of fighting as a tag team....not as an entire army.

I guess people never get tired of comparing the two games together, and if the xbox did have a game with 20 person co-op the sony fans would just say "bigger isn't always better" lol so i guess these arguements will never end will they? Why can't we just respect the games as different and be happy with that?

mikeslemonade4448d ago

They did say they were going to do 4 player coop. 4 player coop is implied that it is the campaign portion of the game. 4 player coop in online would be team deathmatch. Right now it's only going to be 2 player coop and 2 player player coop online for the campaign.

Leathersoup4448d ago

I don't believe you will find any articles with quotes from an Epic employee stating that there would be.

All of the hints at 4 player co-op was "rumor and speculation".

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KobeT244448d ago

hmmmmm. I guess its cool. It would have been better if you could have played with more than 1 friend.

Seriously the online is borderline for me.

First I thought there would 12 player online, but then theres only 10 player? Then 4 player co-op limited to 2?

Bigger, badder, better? Hardly.

Still gonna pick it up though.

mistertwoturbo4448d ago

seriously 2 player co-op is perfectly fine. queefy b. is delivering on his promise of bigger and more badass. that single player demo they showed amazed me.

Superfragilistic4448d ago

Yeah I like the intimacy of Gears. It's so up close and personal. So 2 player Co-op is fine by me... If it means the story is more cohesive, even better. :)

Linzoid4448d ago

I think 4 player is a nice to have, but like so many have said it could detract from the frantic gameplay.

What I would like to see is some sort of co-op moves that you can perform in game.

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