Microsoft Reveals 2008 Fall Lineup

"Microsoft is always quick to mention that they're all about the games, and not so much about fancy new HD formats that have a correlation with the color blue. So just that you have a quick and dirty rundown on what Microsoft shined the spotlight on the most during this E3's press conference, here's a brief recap."

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predator3960d ago

too many games...not enough time to play them

Monchichi0253960d ago

Just with Gears and Fable I'm gonna be be busy the whole winter. And I still got like three other titles I gotta finish before then! Damn job....gotta quit so I have more time to play games!!!

kewlkat0073960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

some say these consoles have no games, but really how many games you gonna buy in 4 months....

Plus JRPG's take up my time..

predator3960d ago

yeah i know, i have a ps3 that will be getting a few games too, very expensive time for me

Doppy3960d ago

Their line-up isn't what I expected. The only in house games are Gears 2 and Fable 2 (which are made by other devs. so not really in house). There are also a lot of 3rd party games missing from this list.

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Noodlecup3960d ago

Not really an impressive list when you count how many of those suck or are multiplatform

pegger243960d ago

your point was so eloquently put, I would love more insight

f7897903960d ago

"Lips" and "Your in the Movies"

kazuma3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

honestly, couldn't they have just said the exclusive ones and said "and we have all the other multi-platform games" well i guess i understand them, they have to deceive the casual crowd, everyone does it lol

# Gears of War 2 exclusive
# Fable 2 exclusive
# Prince of Persia multi
# Call of Duty: World at War multi
# Rock Band 2 multi
# Guitar Hero: World Tour multi
# Fallout 3 multi
# Mirror’s Edge multi
# Lips exclusive
# You’re in the Movies exclusive

want fallout3 and mirror's edge! fast!

Ghoul3960d ago

i cant help myself but to be disapointed not with the games they are awesome (except the ripoffs and music games) but 2 (exclusiv) sequels and thats it. :(

whatever bring it on i cant wait to play gears2

Jack Bauer3960d ago

is it me or did they forget to mention a lot of games in that list? i only see liek 3 that im buying there when im looking at a list of 20+ games in trying to trim down to about 5.

Megatron083960d ago

Its not you that list is missing a ton of game the is no Too Human, No Infinite Undiscovery, No Splinter Cell: Convictionan dtons of other games are missing too

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