Infamous HD Gameplay

Same trailer but in HD

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sonarus5842d ago

This could be a sleeper hit seriously. I have never tried to hype this game even a little. I even heard it might be canned but now i know that isn't true. I hope the game comes soon looks awesome.

Its open world gameplay and i am kind of so so with open world games but i enjoyed hulk ultimate destruction a lot so maybe infamous can be as awesome...maybe:)

NO_PUDding5842d ago

I do not know why anyone ever doubted SuckerPunch.

The animations look beautiful as is Suckerpunch.

The graphics look superb and art style too as is SuckerPunch.

The premise of the game, I cannot wait, and it's totally SuckerPunch.

Doppy5842d ago

I've hyped this game when I saw the first trailer and after I found out Sucker Punch was making it. Insomniac, Naughty Dog, and Sucker Punch were some of the best Devs. on the PS2, and I expect nothing but greatness when they developed on the PS3.

This graphics and gameplay look amazing for an open world game. Great job SP.

PoSTedUP5842d ago (Edited 5842d ago )



this looks off the HOOK!

omg it looks intence!

DAY ONE PURCHASE without a doubt!

(ok im done) ; )

n4gzz5842d ago (Edited 5842d ago )

hmm could be sleeper hit!!

is the new logitech driving wheel under 100 comming out for beginning of august. And it is wireless. It might be old news but i just found out. Now, i want GT full version more than ever. Can hardly wait.

Dipso5842d ago

I've had unwarranted blind faith in this game since the first trailer was screened. This game play footage does not disappoint, beautiful use of colour and lighting.