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When Oddworld : Abe’s Odysee was released little under 18 years ago, it was widely regarded as one of the greatest platform games to ever grace our TV screens, and even now, nearly two decades later. It still holds a place in many gamer’s hearts.

New ‘N’ Tasty is at heart a remake of the classic, however it’s had a completely new body built around it, and from the muscles that make it move, to the rather handsome visuals it all looks like a worthy return for Abe.

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ThePresentIsAgift1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

It looks good but 15 pounds, 22 odd bucks Isn't that cheap. For me so far Metro Redux and the Devil May Cry re-release have provided the best value and at least Metro allows you to buy each game separately. (at least it appeared that way online?)

The digital prices are disturbing, 100+ for the "complete" versions what the frack, basic games features it seems are now behind pay walls.

I remember with COD Modern Warfare I brought the complete working game and a few maps later for sensible money, same with most games up until 2009 maybe.

I miss those days, I really feel like I'm getting price gouged, hard this console generation and I can't be the only one.

The Borderlands scenario is ridiculous, all I wanted was to play the first or second in as close to vanilla format with the tarted up graphics, not the effing whole bundle at 55 pounds gtfo with that.

I do not perceive the lack of choice with bundles as good value in any circumstance, horrified to see how Dead or Alive 5 has been carved up as well.