The Order: 1886 drops to £27.99 - if you're not too busy playing Bloodborne

Dealspwn: "The Order: 1886 is visually astounding throughout, but the actual game is crushingly average -- and that's when it lets you play it! That said, the shooting sections are fun and the Thermite Rifle is superb. Brendan reckons that the level of detail elevates what could have been a terrible game into one that's worth checking out so long as the price is low enough. £27.99 is a good start, though we'd prefer £18.88. Read our The Order: 1886 review for more details.

Oh who are we kidding. You're already playing Bloodborne, aren't you?"

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d_g1517d ago

i think most the players busy dying in Bloodborne

bunt-custardly1516d ago

Or dying to play Bloodborne if they've not purchased it yet.

huckle1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Anyone on here own the order and recommend it? It looks cool, just wondering if it is worth it.

Activemessiah1516d ago

At this price? go for it! It just wasn't worth full price that's all.

Adexus1516d ago

I really enjoyed it, the universe they've created is fantastic.

It took me around 5 hours 50 minutes to finish along with another hour or two on top of that for the Platinum, it doesn't have much replay value at all though so I'd personally wait until it's a bit cheaper if you want to keep it in your collection and not trade it in afterwards.

gangsta_red1516d ago

Just wait for it to drop down a little more or maybe the inevitable PS+ free version in the future.

Seriously, I would not get this game for anything over 20 dollars. As Adexus stated, the world they created has potential in the sequels but the first outing leaves way too much open. There's no replay value, no hidden levels, no multiplayer, nothing to make you want to go back and play again.

Definitely wait until it gets cheaper, I say wait until it reaches 15 bux and then jump on it.

Rimeskeem1516d ago

Why not get it used at gamestop, beat it and platinum it in a couple days, return it for full price.

sparta761516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

At this price is worth it. I brought it day one no regrets. excellent story, weapons are fun. Only complaint is that is to short.

@ gangsta, we all know you haven't played it.doubt you even own a PS4, i don't understand why you comment on every article about the order or anything sony.

Off topic; how on earth did you have one bubble yesterday and over night you have 4!?

NukaCola1516d ago

I really enjoy it. I get the kicks for having too many mini cinematics taking away from the gameplay itself, but The Order is a really fun game with a good story and solid mechanics. I would say for the amount of enjoyment you get with this game, it's worth picking up at any sale. I look forward to a larger more fleshed out sequel.

Nyxus1516d ago

I liked it a lot, but the game isn't for everyone.

boodi1516d ago

if you can stand the long cutscenes and average shooting gameplay , yes . personally i did not enjoy both things .

ninsigma1516d ago

I thought it was worth it anyway. You should def pick it up at that price if you're interested. It's a great game imo. Does it have its flaws?? Yes, but all games do and i didn't find any of the order's flaws ruin it for me. Just note that it's a linear tps with a fair amount of cutscenes but still plenty of gameplay. It's a great setup for future games, just like the first assassins creed was for that franchise, that's the way I look at it. If ya get it, I hope you enjoy :)

kraenk121516d ago

It's a great game for that money. It was a great game before but just a little bit short/expensive!

Svinya1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Don't buy it. It will be free on PS+ eventually. Free is a reasonable price for that game.

sprinterboy1516d ago


I loved it, played twice and gave it a 8.8/10. I enjoy sp cinematic stories like Heavy rain, beyond 2 souls etc, if you like them you will enjoy this game, 10 hrs for playthrough, nice twist, glitch free and a memorable story, making you want more.

blakstarz1516d ago

I just got it a few days ago and I think it rocks, its not for everyone but that's what makes it unique. It did for me what Heavy Rain did.

ginsunuva1516d ago

The atmosphere and graphics are actually worth playing through for.

for this price, it's definitely worth it. Higher? Probably not.

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NuggetsOfGod1516d ago

Probably cuase it's selling so well.

kraenk121516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

It sold pretty well actually. Better than most XBox 'exclusives' already.

kraenk121516d ago

@700p check your facts bro!

Ickythump311516d ago

bloodborne has all my free time booked. Although I did like the order.. my friend and I completed it in one sitting no joke, was a weird saturday night.. I think it took around 6 or 7 hours on hard.

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