Capcom's Greg Moore talks about Vergil, Nero and more Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition extras

Greg Moore talks about playing as Vergil and Nero in addition to hinting at some more Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition extras.

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DarkOcelet1520d ago

"Something cool I haven't seen anyone call out yet is that 4SE will finally let ya fight Dante as Vergil. Pretty much immediately, in fact!"

That actually might sell the game for me. And hopefully we get a badass Devil May Cry 5 after this game. No more emo Dante. I want the pizza loving strawberry sundae badass Dante back!

jc485731520d ago

I will most likely import the Japanese version since that is the only physical option we have.

Blank1520d ago

Wait im in the US are you telling me there is no physical western release?! I have been reading that here and there but im still hoping that I missed those details somewhere. Im still going to buy it but its dumb DmC got a physical release while 4 get digital?? Thats some bull.

jc485731520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Yes, it is digital only in the us. I just wish this Greg would at least convince capcom to give us a physical option.

Orpheo1519d ago

I would've really liked Capcom to release the physical collector's edition of DMC4 stateside as well. I don't own a PS4 yet but I still would've picked this up. Heck, I bought a 60gb PS3 back in the day once I heard DMC4 was announced for it, that was my sole reason to purchase a PS4 back then.

To be fair, I'm probably an exceptional case in that regard.

jeremyj29131520d ago

We need to get some type of petition or at least a twitter trend going for a physical release. They need to see the demand.

OdieEsty1520d ago

I'm curious to see these costumes. I assume Trish will get a DMC3 outfit as will Dante, but I'm curious to see what Nero will get.

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