Why the Hype for Mortal Kombat X?

Kuma wrote: Opinion piece on the upcoming Mortal Kombat X and why you should be Hyped!

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mgszelda11516d ago

Cuz 9 was awesome. Even though the DLC is pretty ridiculous. Where is a reasonably priced season pass

jv19911516d ago

This game is sick man. So many cruel deaths. Wajow

SavageKuma1516d ago

All the many ways to punish your opponent and the added bonus of the X-ray as well as now the return of Brutality. I enjoy many ways to destroy an opponent.

ONESHOTV21516d ago

it's MK there is nothing like it

SavageKuma1516d ago

Thats why it was written. Some people were asking about it and why all the hype so I took it upon myself to educate the masses. With a great storyline, passing the torch to new generation of fighters, brutal combat and the DLC is not bad at all. Mortal Kombat has become a better game yet again.

SavageKuma1516d ago

And all the awesome that comes with those reasons.

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