Square Enix Answers Questions About Xbox 360 Version Of 'Final Fantasy XIII'

The Microsoft media briefing ended with a bang this morning by showing a new trailer from "Final Fantasy XIII."

Immediately following the briefing, Square Enix held a press conference about the game, where "FFXIII" producer Yoshinori Kitase and Square Enix exec Shinji Hashimoto answered all the questions they could in 45 minutes.

Here's a round-up of the facts so far from the brief Q&A session:

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Hydrolex3963d ago

Question: " Umm Would you suck my c0ck if I throw 2 Mil dollas on your desk ? "

Answer: " I don't care what I'm doing. As long as I get money then YES "

Dacapn3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

When money talks people listen.

pizzas3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

They haven't even started developing the 360 version? Check.
PS3 is lead platform? Check.
360 version is a port? Check.
All the footage we've seen is from the PS3 version? Check.
PS3 version exclusive in Japan? Check.
Versus XIII is still PS3 exclusive? Check.

Hydrolex3963d ago

Double Check

It doesn't hurt Sony ! True gamers get this game for PS3.

how would you play this PS game with an Xbox 360 controller ?

Lucreto3963d ago

If they haven't started there might be talks after E3 to make it exclusive again.

Lord Vader3963d ago

But, did the PS3 just depreciate like a Chrysler Sebring ? Check.

3963d ago
predator3963d ago

actualy if you read it, the PC is the lead platform

Origin3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

xbox 360 gets no unknown good exclusives. check

edit: if you disagree, tell me the unknown exclusive they announced

InMyOpinion3963d ago

What is an "unknown good exclusive"? I mean if it's a good game most of us probably know about it.

Origin3963d ago

like halo 4 or killer instinct
some exclusive that hasnt been confirmed yet

Ghoul3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

i smell gimped version

Domenikos3963d ago

Ill get FFXIII for PS3. Check

I dont give a f¨¨ck about the 360 version. Check

... duh

Panthers3963d ago

Most people that want this game have a PS3 or will be getting one. 360 owners like the Shooters and action games they have. I actually think it would have been smarter to let them have Versus because its more action.

13 will flop on 360 and Squenix will regret the decision theyve made. Just like Konami did with MGS on Xbox.

HateBoy3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Fanboys spamming comments on every thread? CHECK!

We get it, FFXIII 360 will stink, Versus is the really interesting game after all, you live in Japan and sony is the best company (and really cares about you!) evaaaar! Plus, everything M$ touches sucks donkey balls!

On topic: Wtf?!?! Its beeing developed on the pc?!?! (You can uncheck that box pizzas)I guess I'll be getting the PC version then, if the game is good, as I'm going to update my pc soon, I think. "It is still to be decided" sounds a little too much like yes.

EDIT: No I won't, I refuse to update my pc just to play games, I'd feel too stupid. PS3 it is.

Stryfeno13962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Sony fanboys during MS E3 keynote...

yesah3962d ago

you can tell msoft forced enix to make this anouncement. Its bad buisness to anounce something like this before the 360 version is even developed on.

JasonXE3962d ago

pc is the lead platform: check
pc ported to the 360 easier and smoother than to the ps3: check
360 still gets the game anyway: check

think about that.

Bolts3962d ago

The irony is, the PC version could be done the fastest LOL! So if they're going to release the game on based on the ease of development it would be...

1. PC
2. PS3 (most developed console version)
3. Xbox 360

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Hydrolex3963d ago

"The game will be the same, but we have to consider Blu-ray and the other format, so it might be different [in that regard].”

PS3 superior confirmed.

Of course the gameplay will be the same

Omegasyde3963d ago

If I had a 360 and a PS3 (again)I would buy the ps3 version because I wouldn't have to change the disc.

Honest but true. Less bending over, and Less worries about scratching one of the Disc.

(I did that on FF7 with Disc 3, so I bought 2 copies for the psx)

InMyOpinion3963d ago

I would prefer a quick disc swap every 10 hours or so instead of having to sit through a 10-15 minute install like you have to do with most PS3 games/demos.

10 second disc swap or 10-15 minute install? Only a fanboy would prefer the latter.

Scarfy3963d ago

"10 second disc swap or 10-15 minute install? Only a fanboy would prefer the latter."


Panthers3963d ago

They just said content would be the same. Nothing about how it would run or graphics.

Panthers3963d ago

I guess that is M$s answer to their crappy hardware. LOL.

JasonXE3962d ago

Hashimoto later added: “For content and gameplay, we don’t have the intention to make so much difference according to platform.”

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LSDARBY3963d ago

So will these two versions be released simultaniously or will the PS3 version come first.

dc083963d ago

Ps3 first and only in Japan. Simultaneous for xbox360 and ps3 in other regions I believe.

silverchode3963d ago

well if the 360version hasnt been started yet i doubt they will be released at the same time

evilbubble3963d ago

From the brief, they seem haven't started working on the XBOX360 version. It is entirely possible to complete the XBOX360 version let's say before winter 2009, but it will be a challenge. If they can't complete it by winter 2009, then they will either delay the PS3 version for US/EU or release them first.

HateBoy3963d ago

Consider that it is being developed on the pc, apparently, so porting it to the 360 should be easy, right? No idea really, just repeating what others have said.

Also, there might still be time to make it a ps3 timed exclusive formally, so you never know!

Infernus3963d ago

If they end up delaying the PS3 EU/US release because they're developing a 360 port it'll spell uproar in the PS3 community, especially from those that've been waiting for FF13.

Since the PS3 version will be done first, all they'll need to do is localise it for the US (Pretty straight-forward and quick) and Europe (Longer due to more languages), then they're done. Whereas the 360 version won't be started till the PS3 version is finished, which is when localisation starts so unless they can develop the 360 version within a few months of finishing the PS3 version I very much doubt that they'll be able to avoid a delay of the PS3 version.

Of course it won't be called a delay due to the 360, it'll be a case of both 'still being in development' lol

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LTC3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Im just wondering how this will run on 360. Look at Mass Effect with its massive texture popin and long loading. Oblivion was a joke on it and GTA suffered from terrible framerate and pop up issues. SE should not make this on 360 it will just embarasse its users.

juuken3963d ago

How it would run? The question will it play?

I'm sorry but I'm getting FFXIII for the PS3.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3963d ago

That warms my Heart juuken;)
FFXIII is PS3;) (Hopefully it won't be Spoiled for the PS3)
Like GTA4 is PS3;) (Spoiled by having to be on the xBox 360)
Like MGS4 is PS3;) (PS3 ONLY 10/10 in'it!!!) ;-P
Games play better on the PS3;) It's just these 'M$' run sites and the F00L'ish N00B's on this that say they don't! :-/

n00bzRtehgey3963d ago

Mass Effect's loading issues are with UE3. Everyone knows UE3 can't stream for sh1t. It was just a bad engine to go with for a game which relies so heavily on streaming data. Once things loaded, the game runs flawlessly. Nuff said.

GTA runs at a higher framerate and resolution (WITH AA) on 360 (or did u forget already? dumb n00bs.)

If there were ANY improvements to Oblivion on PS3 (none), you can thank an extra YEAR of development.

You droids are dumb. Try again.

Dacapn3963d ago

Flawlessly? Maybe if you blink every second it'll look flawless. So ya gonna explain why the game runs like a slideshow? Don't give dumb excuses. PC version runs better cuz it's uhhhhh...better hardware (assuming you've got the hardware). Mass Effect was only rancid on 360 so quit b1tching, b1tch.

GTA also has fantastic pop-in on the 360. Trade-offs are the best!

As for Oblivion, the PS3 wasn't even out when Oblivion was released, so as a developer, why wouldn't touch up your masterpiece? Answer: They aren't blind fanboys.

Anywayz, I'm just happy that they're gonna finish the PS3 version then port it over to 360. After that they can cut all the corners they need to make it work on 360 with that "other format" haha.

Microsoft Secretary3962d ago

We here at microsoft think that you are making the right decision by sticking with the more successful playstation 3, and we would like you to keep going with playstation because we could very easily go out of business by 2012 due to the fact that we are spending all of our little remaining money on horrendous exclusives and games that we know will fail. We have seen that in your previous comments, you wanted to buy an xbox, please don't.

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