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"After finding success with their recent MotoGP and MXGP games, developer Milestone returns with a new IP, Ride. Featuring over 100 licensed motorcycles to race upon a vast collection of real world tracks, Ride aims to be the seminal title for motorcycle fans, enabling you to race at breakneck speeds on two wheels without the risk of suffering a nasty road rash." - GameSpew

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PoSTedUP1519d ago

nope that prestige is already secured. but i can never have enough bike games/sims. this looks awesome.

yewles11519d ago

You NEVER played Tourist Trophy, had you...?

Tetsujin1519d ago

I'm surprised Tourist Trophy didn't have a sequel, it was an interesting bike game.


I remember back at some point between GT5 Prologue and GT5 final release there was massive speculation of GT5 having a "Bike" race category. There was some leaks/mockups (?) of Prologue's selection screen with bikes and the rumors started.

Dario_DC1519d ago

The demo didn't do anything for me, even with all the aids and traction control off... I'm a biker and the riding just seems off somehow... Might pick it up later in a promotion and try the full experience.

kraenk121519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I don't trust this review. The developer Milestone has not once delivered a truly good game and all videos I have seen for this game were truly unspectacular.

Here is an alternate opinion:


another one:


oasdada1519d ago

after the order... i cant trust reviews

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