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Rich Stanton writes "The fact is that few other studios in the world can match what From Software is doing in big-budget games."

"Director Hidetaka Miyazaki is possessed of a rare talent, an all-encompassing design sensibility capable of tying everything that matters - aesthetics, narrative, sound and mechanical design - together in a manner where each feeds into and enhances the others."

"The structure underlying Bloodborne is not just original but coherent, and because of this the impact of everything it does is commensurately greater."

"This is total design."

"It feels wonderful to have a world like this and, over a week of solid play later, feel that there's so much more to discover."

"And it's awful to know that, in all likelihood, it will be a painfully long time until I play anything else that matches up to Bloodborne's breadth of vision, generosity of content, and - yes - genius."


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JMaine5183407d ago

For the people who have played it do you think this can contend for GOTY? I do. This is my first souls game and I'm in love.

vishmarx3407d ago

imo it most definitely is,ive only defeated 2 bosses though.
this year is huge though lets wait and see what finishes at the top.
witcher,batman,mgs,persona,ze lda are all likely contenders and we dont even know half the games coming out.
so far its been a fantastic year.
dying light,the order,dbz,type-0,bloodborne have all been great.next month ill be getting mkx,then witcher and then batman and then whatever lies beyond

PeaSFor3407d ago

being a fan of Souls games, BloodBorne is easily my favorite.

2-Demon's Souls
3-Dark Souls

remixx1163407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Without a doubt its a contender, this game has made a masochist out of me, I even chose to play as the waste of skin class and beat the first 2 enemies bare handed~waste of skin master race~

Its been a while since a AAA game has come out that has been pure art, the last games to do that were The Last of Us and Ni No Kuni.

Damn Sony sure knows how to pick'em.

Master-H3407d ago

Absolutely. I'm a huge fan of Souls game though, and I consider all of them GOTY in the respective years they released in (even the non-A team Dark Souls II.)

madcowz643407d ago

Definitely a nominee, possibly a winner.

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Ragthorn3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I love the Souls games, but I haven't gotten the chance to play Bloodborne yet. My friend (who I convinced to get since he has a PS4) and I are going to play it this weekend, and I am pretty hyped up! I am hearing some amazing stuff about this game and I loved Demon's and Dark Souls 1/2, so I know what I am going in to. I am hearing this game for GOTY contender, so that MUST be a good game. Also, have you guys heard of Pillars of Eternity on PC? If you guys want to relive the classic Infinity engine games like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale, get Pillars of Eternity! It is an amazing throwback to the classic Old Bioware series and Infinity engine games in general. I would describe it as a game with Demon's Souls difficulty and with the mechanics and look of an Infinity engine game. This game and Bloodborne seem to be contenders for Game of the Year! But this year is hype, so EVEN more games are coming that will be epic!

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higgins783407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

I just can't get beyond the "crippling" frame rate...I just can't. Considering this is a game built from the ground up - exclusive to the 'behemoth' PS4, AND with added 4gb day 1 patch. I don't understand what went wrong in the performance department. I'm a Nintendo fan boy - if you want to call it that. Perhaps I have been too spoiled regarding performance combined with visuals, both working in harmony. Yes, I also bought a PS4 at launch, but this far, beside from the odd 'remaster', I just can't get excited about its library.

Ironic really, since the next game for my PS4 I will provably end up owning is another remaster, Dark Souls 2. 60fps should ideally be on the cards, with no compromise to graphically fidelity.

MasterCornholio3407d ago

That's not going to work here. If anyone is interested in the games performance here's a link to the truth behind it.


So much for claiming that the framerate is "broken".

Genuine-User3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

1. Bloodborne does not have a crippling framerate.
2. The patch is not 4GB in size.
3. Nintendo makes games that are pleasing to look at in 720p with minimal graphical features.
4. If the current library of PS4 games isn't good enough, maybe the system isn't for you.

I wonder if you enjoyed your time playing through The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, Zombi U and LEGO City Undercover because they're all set to 30fps.

How about the upcoming Zelda game, which will also be locked at 30fps.

higgins783407d ago

Locked being the key word. Besides, 30fps, 60fps, it depends on the game - obviously, but its when self-proclaimed 'next gen' machines prove otherwise, that's what I find priceless. Also, 720p which are pleasing to look at - as you put it...coupled with stable fps. What exactly is terrible about that? All I was trying to say (perhaps poorly) is that the parity between the Wii U and 'rival' consoles isn't quite what some had suggested before the games began arriving.

scientificreasoning3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

There is nothing Crippling about the frame rate LMAO...in fact it's by the the most stable of any game by FROM, it rarely drops and plays smooth.

I don't think you ever played it. Anyone who calls it "Crippling " is out to get attention.

Nintendo games are simplistic and 720p, this game would not even run on a nintendo system get real,. The world in this game is massive and detailed.

you are clearly a troll as nothing you say is true.

higgins783407d ago

I stated "crippling" in quotations because that came exactly from Eurogamer's performance analysis. They are the experts. Also, if games such as Smash, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 and SM3DW are "simplistic" - the majority running at 60fps, give me simplistic all day long...

Skankinruby3407d ago

Huh? Nintendo is your example of perfect performance and visuals? What world are you living in buddy even most fanboys are smarter than that. Nintendo is the most simplistic narrow minded gaming company on the market. Its easy to perfect a game when you just remake it over and over again, sony is the only one who actually takes risks and releases something new. Its obvious you're lying about even owning a ps4 but my god if Nintendo is what sets the bar for you you need more help than most. Its like comparing a smart car to a Ferrari, you just sound like a moron.

MasterCornholio3407d ago

Higgins "I'm a Nintendo fan boy - if you want to call it that."

Well he did answer your question.

Spotie3407d ago

" I'm a Nintendo fan boy"

And yet here you are. And, of all things, spreading disinformation.

oasdada3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Weird.. for a nintendo fan.. u sound awfully lot like an xbox fan.. if u want nexgen gfx and fluid performance.. go play the order 1886, or bf hardline.. or maybe ori cuz its a really good game available on ur console

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Stiffler3407d ago

Even the EG golden 'Essential' stamp of approval too.

I'm super glad that Bloodborne turned out to be an ace game for PS4 owners, a true gem and it's games like this which make consoles what they are.

Here's to hoping for a nice healthy flow of titles to come.

Mr Lahey3407d ago

It'll be a looong time before I will play anything else! Its that good! The perfect souls game!

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Report: Bloodborne PS5 Version Listed in PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars has a Bloodborne PS5 version listed! Does this mean we're finally getting a Bloodborne remaster?

LG_Fox_Brazil14d ago


SimpleSlave14d ago

Not just for you. It WAS the game of that Generation and one of the greatest game ever made.

fr0sty13d ago

I tried so hard to get into it... just not my cup of tea. Maybe I'll try again if they drop a remaster.