With Bloodborne, could Souls finally go mainstream?

VideoGamer writes: From Software's latest is the best exclusive game on PS4. It's also the most accessible of the Souls games: will it be enough to broaden its player base?

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Jalva1521d ago

inb4 souls remaster collection gets announced.

Septic1521d ago

Sad but true story, I had a dream last night that Miyazaki announced that Bloodborne was actually Dark Souls 3 and I was on N4G and there was a flame war going on...

Yes, I need to go out more.

Hellsvacancy1521d ago

You was on N4G and there was a flame war going on...

Yeah that's not dream buddy, that's a reality lol

Spinal1521d ago

Bloodborne is Dark Souls 3 even a blind man can see that.

Timesplitter141521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

BloodBorne is definitely a "Souls", but not a "Dark Souls".

I hope both the DarkSouls and BloodBorne franchises keep on going in parallel

krypt19831521d ago

bloodborne is demon souls 2 get it right

InTheLab1521d ago

Hard to look at the old guy in the "Not the Nexus" and think of anyone but The Maiden in Black. This game is so Demon's Souls I half expect Ostrava to show up....

Kills me how people dismiss the game that started it all and act like Dark Souls is it...

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Timesplitter141521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Well, there is already Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, which basically is a "remaster"/"def initive edition".

Also, the Souls series already went pretty mainstream with Dark Souls 2. Look a its steam page and you'll see it's as popular as any other big mainstream game. Each of the Dark Souls games sold like 2 million copies, too.

I think the Souls series clearly made the jump from niche to mainstream when the "Prepare to Die" edition was released. That sudden change in marketing strategy says it all

krypt19831521d ago

yea but they mean by sells the games do not sell like you guys think they do...

Spinal1521d ago

Could Bloodborne be anymore mainstream with nearly every gaming site fapping about the game?

You can't expect it to reach CoD levels as it's just not to everyone's taste. I certainly don't play the souls games. I'm sucked into Dying Light an Mass Effect 3 atm.

NeverHeavyMan1521d ago

I don't think anyone is expecting it to reach Call of Duty levels.

OT: Seems like Bloodborne and Dark Souls II have helped aid these types of games going mainstream. I'm all for it!

Fro_xoxo1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I've been wondering too..

It should, but will it?

So long as the challenging gameplay remains. . I doubt it.

I love that style of game-play, but I can't speak for others.

Blaze9291521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Sony needs to release a demo. There are a lot of people who have no idea what this game is about and hear everything about that difficulty which won't make them spend $60.

As a new IP that pretty much got all 10s, a way to help make this go even more mainstream would obviously be releasing a demo.

Me personally, I never really 'understood' the Souls games. Just didn't appeal to me PERSONALLY. Seeing the great reviews for Bloodborne, I'd love to 'try' it and go from there. Sure that's the case for a lot of others.

Fkhalf161521d ago

Just shareplay with a friend that has the game so you can play and experience the game for yourself.

Saijahn1521d ago

Yeah i'm interested in seeing the sales for Bloodborne. Yeah it scored extremely well but it's a niche game.

remixx1161521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

No doubt fro, but the word "mainstream" scares me. A lot of devs will dumb down the philosophies that made them special in order to appeal to a wider audience ie: socom, final fantasy, mass effect, dead space. This typically dillutes what was great about them in the first place.

krypt19831521d ago

Thats the problem though there really is no story to bb ..

guyman1514d ago

That is completely ignorant of you and incorrect.

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Malice-Flare1521d ago

could happen, but with people like Dan, it's a long shot...

robtion1521d ago

Ah Dan, the guy who gave up. I remember him well.

FullmetalRoyale1521d ago

Lol I really hope that sticks.

dcj05241521d ago

They did a great job of making it more accessible but not more easier. Every death I've had felt deserved.

kstap331521d ago

I doubt it. Many will be put off by the difficulty. Certainly isn't luring FPS guys away from their call of duty, etc.

Tiqila1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Take away some of the difficulty and voilà you have a mainstream game. Then add more difficulty settings to still offer fans of the series the same amount of frustration they are used to and everyone wins.

kstap331521d ago

That's what I stated on a previous thread and got disagreed to oblivion 😏. Mind you, I used Halo as an example where Legendary difficulty is damned hard, but there are 3 other difficulties available for all skill levels. I guess I should have used a PS game as my example 😏

DanteVFenris6661521d ago

Kstap: personally for me that's not the issue if you used a Xbox one game and btw all games have that. Have difficulty setting would ruin these games. It's fun because it has this one difficulty setting that's been worked out to be both awarding and challenging. If they remove that everyone even me is probably just going to do easy and ruin the game and atmosphere.

remixx1161521d ago

I feel like a difficulty setting would ruin the game. What makes the Souls games so great is that they are uncompromising. It all comes down to the patience and will power of the player, either you got it or you don't.

Taking that whole concept away or making it optionary would kinda spit in the face of what these games are about.

I love it when devs stick to their guns.

ginsunuva1521d ago

If you take difficulty away, it would be a pretty lame semi-hack-n-slasher.

Tex1171521d ago

No, we all lose.

The core, the crux, of the game depends on the unwavering difficulty as "accomplishment" and "focus" are the pillars of the game.

So far Miyazaki and FromSoftware have been champions in holding to their vision for games.

I hope that continues. Miyazaki has now caught lightening in a bottle 3 times with 3 different IPs.

Man is visionary.

Tiqila1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I like the game on hard, because that is when it is the most fun for me.

There are a good number of games that have both easy and hard difficulty modes and that are enjoyed therefore by a larger number of players:

MGS 4 (and others)
Diablo III
The last of Us

I played all of them on medium difficulty the first time and they were pretty fun. Then I turned up the difficulty and was amazed how much more fun they were and how differently I played them.

Harder difficulty = more intense, immersive and emotional experience.

But no one takes that from me just by offering another easier difficulty mode on top of the hard one, so that others can enjoy the game as well.

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