The Division New Gameplay/ Story Details: Faction Cleaners & New Release Date Rumoured

The Cleaners may switch alliances with or against you throughout the events of the game.

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Cra2yey31518d ago

Thought it was new gameplay...

JamesBondage1518d ago

when in 2015? cuz i dont want to wait until the end.. thats dumb

Tripl3seis1518d ago

I think the game is gonna get pushed back to next year I don't think the game is ready to come out this year but that's my opinion of course.

abstractel1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

You mean like most likely pretty much every other high profile game this year? Can't think of a major release that hasn't gotten delayed a minimum of 6 months (many a year+) before they were released this gen and people excusing them is becoming old. Be professional and plan properly. Zelda and Uncharted delays both hurt my soul despite knowing it was a strong possibility. Just tired of developers not able to accurately predict their schedules this generation. I can see Star Wars coming out on time though.

Tripl3seis1517d ago

Yea I agree with you bro they need to sort out there schedule before they announce a game I mean I was anticipating uncharted 4 to come out this year but it got pushed back till next spring.

Zenith4k1518d ago

If it gets pushed back good ( though I'd rather it not) I'm sick of hearing about day one and further down the line patches just make it work

medman1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

This will be The Division's third some point the game has to be released....right???

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